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SOUTH-EAST KILLINGS : " Silence Is Suspicious, Worrisome" Anyanwu To Igbo Leaders


Senator Anyanwu Alleges Some Leaders In South-East Conspiring With Enemies To Perpetuate Evil, Says Silence An Evidence Of Hatchet Job.

..... Condemns Blacklisting, Killing Of Youths  In South-East. 

Following reported extra judicial killings in the South East geopolitical zone, Senator Samuel Anyanwu in a statement released on Friday June 4 2021 has accused some leaders in the zone of conspiring with external enemies to perpetuate evil, citing their continued silence as evidence of the hatched job.

Anyanwu described their silence as not only worrisome and suspicious, but a calculated attempt to pitch the zone against the North.

He called on political, religious and traditional leaders to rise up to occasion with a view to proffering lasting solution to nip the ugly trend in the bud, and charged them to condemn the rate in which the youths of the zone are being unjustly arrested or killed.

According to him, “when the youths of a tribe are listed in a black book, the future of such tribe is not only unknown but worrisome”

Anyanwu, a stalwart of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo state also called on security agents to apply caution in discharging their duties, noting that if the purpose for which they were established which is to protect lives and properties is defeated, their relevance becomes useless to the society.

While calling on the youths of the zone to be law abiding, further enjoined parents to always monitor closely the movements of their children and wards to avoid any breach of law and order.

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