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45th Defence Force Day: President Lungu Of Zambia Slumps In Public


President Edgar Lungu Slumps While Officiating Zambia's 45th Defence Force Day. 

Edgar Lungu at the Commemoration and Investiture Ceremony of Zambia's 45th Defence Force Day on Sunday June 13 2021 suddenly Slumped to the ground causing TV stations such were broadcasting the event live to yank off transmission abruptly.

According to Mr Simon Miti the cabinet secretary, president Lungu "experienced sudden dizziness but he recovered speedily and walked to the official car and returned to his state house."

Speaking further Lungu added that President Lungu will proceed with all programmes schedule to take place knowing that Lungu is currently campaigning for another term as president in an election a scheduled to take place in August this  year with Hakainde Hichilemaon as his strongest opposition.

He came into power following the death of Michael Sata who passed away before his tenure ended. Lungu contested the election in 2016 and won. 

In 2015, Lungu was hospitalized for Achalasia.

This is the 2nd time he is collapsing in public since 2015.

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