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" Igbos Are Just A Dot In A Circle", Sen. Anyanwu Reacts To Buhari's Statement


Senator Anyanwu Reacts To President Buhari's Comments On Igbos,

.... Calls Out Igbos In Government Been Used To Fight The South-East, Says ' Common Sense Is Not Common.'

Senator Samuel Anyanwu has reacted to President Buhari's Comments about Igbos in Nigeria being nothing but a " dot in a circle."

MediaOrchid recalls that Buhari during an interview refered to Igbos as a ' dot in a circle' in comparison to other regions that make up Nigeria. 

Anyanwu in a statement on Monday June 14 2021 said, 

" Igbos Are Just A Dot In A Circle"; Yes President Buhari Is Right. 

“The Igbos and their territory is just a dot in a circle of the map of Nigeria, which even if they secede could exit to nowhere since the elders and youths of the South-South had assured me of not being part of the secessionist agenda.” 

" The above captures President Muhammadu Buhari’s statement in a TV interview on the spate of insecurity in Nigeria.

" The position of Mr. President is an exact summary of a man with little or no information about an ethnic group that is more patriotic than any other one in Nigeria, having contributed immensely in the development of the nation’s economy.

" This bias notion of Mr. President has triggered my curiosity to veer off the laid down modus operandi. 

" In the foregoing, it has become glaring and very sure to concur that Mr. President is right in his own thinking that Igbos are just a dot in a cycle...!

" Mr. President is right when no igbo person is a Service Chief in a country that preaches unity and one Nigeria, yet, they remain civil, calm and contented with what they have without resorting to crisis?

" Mr President is right when no Igbo person is part of the administrative board of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) even when the region is a major oil producer?

" Mr President is right when no Igbo person is in charge of any key economic sector currently under a government that claims to be fighting corruption yet, remains silent.

" President Buhari is 100% (percent) right when his administration is interested in using the military and other security agencies against the Igbos that are not at war but negotiates with bandits that have declared war against Nigeria.

" Mr President is right when his government pets, romances and negotiates payment of ransom with a terrorist, Abubakar Gumi and sees Igbo leaders as terrorists.

" Yes, Mr. President is right when he hastily signed the North East Development Commission’s Bill into law, but has refused to assent the South East Development Commission’s Bill years after passage.

" Why won’t Igbos be a dot in a cycle when Mr. President’s government does not see any good thing coming from an average Igbo person? No wonder he has refused to assign juicy positions to the Igbos!

" Yes, Igbos are just a dot in a cycle because they have allowed their Northern counterparts to hijack what is meant for everyone yet, are intimidated and treated with levity in a country they are major stakeholders!

" Is Mr President not right for making such statement when Fulani herdsmen are killing Igbo farmers in their lands and nothing is happening?

" Is Mr President not right when herders are moving around the South Eastern environments with their cattle and brandishing AK47 assault riffles without restrictions?

" Mr President is absolutely right when the Igbos are humiliated, intimidated and forcefully compelled to shut up in a country they have invested trillions to develop?

" Mr President is right because the Igbos have always betrayed their people in order to be given political appointment.

" Why won’t Igbos be a dot in a cycle when they have struggled to develop the country without a guaranteed hope for tomorrow?

" Is Mr President not right in his thinking when he is using Igbos in his government to fight Igbos outside his government?

" I think Mr President is right because Igbos are seen as second class citizens by his administration hence, do not pose any threat to the Northern agenda!

" However, it is very obvious that common sense is not always common!"

This is how I see Mr President’s statement concerning the Igbos; but I have a dream that one day, that “dot” in a cycle will cover the whole cycle in peace and becomes a cycle rather than a dot by God’s grace as Mr. President sees it!

Congratulations Ndigbo! He added. 

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