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3,150 Rockets Fired From Gaza, Israeli Army Reveal


Israeli Army Reveals  Hamas Fired 3,150 At Israel From Gaza.

Israeli Army in a statement on Monday morning revealed that militants have fired about 3,150 rockets from the Gaza strip towards Israel since the bombardment began.

According to the Israeli army, about 460 of the rockets fired never got to cross the border and instead went down in the Gaza territory. The Iron Dome missile used by Israel is a defence system which has and interception rate of about 90%. 

In 2014, 4,481 rockets were fired at Israel during the Gaza War which lasted 51 days.

The Palestinian militants in the Gaza strip began firing rockets at Israel last week Monday evening which led to Israeli army responding with assault on Hamas targets in the coastal areas. 

The Israeli also stated that there were initially no current figures on the number of attacks by Israel in Gaza strip earlier today.

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