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GBV: How Popular Human Rights Program 'Brekete family' Host, Physically Assaulted A Woman


Reactions As Ahmad Isah, Host Of  Popular Human Rights Program, 'Brekete Family' Physically Assaults Woman Under Interrogation.

....Woman Who Set Brother's Child Ablaze Gets Slapped By Human Rights Advocate. 

Ahmed Isah, the host of the popular Human Rights program Brekete Family which airs on Human Rights Radio 101.1 in the FCT Abuja, is commonly known as the "Ordinary President" after he become famous for pursuing justice and addressing cases of Human Rights Abuses on his platform. 

Isah came under fire from Nigerians for physically assaulting woman under Interrogation which was been covered by BBC after the video went viral yesterday Monday May 18 2021.

The BBC Africa Eye documentary was captured by Peter Nkanga, a journalist. 

The woman was accused of setting her brother’s daughter on fire for alleged witchcraft. According to reports, the woman tied the victim’s hand and legs, poured kerosene on her head and set the child ablaze. 

Isah while questioning the woman asked her to explain how she confirmed that the child which she set ablaze was a witches. In response the woman said; “ Nobody…I don’t know what came over me. Please, I’m begging for forgiveness.”

“ Tell me what happened, I’ll give you one last chance”, Isah demanded . “I don’t know what happened”, the woman replied.

Following her response, Isah lost all calmness and slapped her. 

Nkanga describing the situation said it is a form of " mob justice. " 

Nigerians on Twitter are condemning the action and accusing the Brekete anchor of taking laws into his hands.

Reactions from Nigerians on various social media platforms indicates condemnation of such an act by Isah stressing that as a human rights activist he should have known and conducted himself better. 

Here are some reactions from Twitter:

 " The guy's getting too much power. This is what happens when the government fails to do it's job and people have to rely on people for justice, in turn making them gods."

" No please, he was understandably upset. A child has been maimed and someone is still proving stubborn. Emotions were high, the woman got off lightly imo. Btw I'm not a fan of Ahmad Isah, but I understand the emotions."

" He lost it. His power has begun to  choke the same masses he is protecting , the report has succeeded in putting him in check...That he called the police, involved the BBC journalist in trust  and also fulfilled the promise to care for the child kinda makes him appreciable. "

" He's a Human too

I've been following his program for sometimes now. At least, his good outweighs his bad."

Ahmad Isah in what has been perceived to be a reaction to the outrage from Nigerians, via his Twitter handle @breketeconnect, said, “My God has made me bigger than the sponsors of my detractors. ”

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