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'Governorship Primaries', AGF Malami Distributes 50 Exotic Cars To APC Members


Malami Under Fire For Distributing Multi-billion Naira Vehicles To Ruling APC Supporters In Kebbi State. 

Nigeria’s Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami has come under fire from Nigerians for distributing over 50 exotic cars to ruling All Progressives Congress members ahead of the party’s governorship primary in Kebbi State.

Malami had last Thursday declared interest in the Kebbi State governorship race.

Another report said, the AGF, Malami (SAN), gifted ‘social media warriors’, support groups and close associates with state-of-the-art motor vehicles. 

However, the distribution has triggered negative reactions, with many wondering where Malami got billions of naira to purchase the vehicles.

Some of them lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari, who rode to power in 2015 on the back of a promise to crush corruption, especially in the government circle for endorsing all the atrocities of one of his most trusted lieutenants.

“In a sane country all these political jobbers ought to be in money laundering suspect list. APC government have manifested their looting prowess in this coming elections,” a Facebook user, Uchenna Thomas wrote.

Gabriel Otenu said, “Who is fooling who, a political appointee sharing this type of cars to buying votes, and efcc is watching them only for them to go after poor children who re doing yaho to assist themselves, because their parents can’t afford the expenses private school.”

Christopher Nwachukwu also said, “How much was Malami’s salary and allowances as Attorney General of the Federation for 7years? How can he honestly afford to buy these luxury cars if he is not corrupt? And his Nephew is the Boss at EFCC. Nigeria is really a fantastically corrupt Nation.”

Another Facebook user, Afolabi Tola wrote, “You will not know the level of corruption under Buhari who sees himself as Mr integrity until he leaves the office.”

Jacob Letura said, “Nigeria my country so this man has embezzle our country wealth for long for over seven years. 

Tell me how much is this man salary which enable him to donate this kinds of exotic cars? …. Oh God why our leaders is making thing so hard for us in this country. He is doing this to buy the mind of electorate.

“No Wonder he said delete laws from the newly electoral act, a lawyer that doesn’t know law instead of amendment you said delete….how many of this appointee dat resigned from office before aspiring for elective position….all these criminals that form Buhari cabals.”

Aliyu Akanza also wrote, “His fighting corruption with Mr president, when he became Minister what was he doing now in 7rs his distributing SLK and Toyota and ur fighting corruption. No problem continue.”

Anthony Nwaigbo added, “Where did he get all this money he is lavishing? The fight against corruption should start from the high places of power. Is there any hope for this country? When are we going to move from the politics of money to the politics of the people?”

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