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'Youth Agenda', Kadade Lauds Katsina State PDP


PDP National Youth Leader Commends Katsina State Chapter Over Recently Concluded Congresses. 

.... Says Ages Of Candidates, Impressive, Towing Path Of 'Youth Agenda'. 

The National Youth Leader of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Prince Suleiman Mohammed Kadade on Saturday in statement signed by him, commended the Katsina state chapter of the party over recently held Congresses. 

In his statement titled : Katsina State PDP Towing The Path Of Youth Agenda,

Prince Kadade expressed that he was impressed by the ages of the candidates, he saluted specially the PDP Acting Zonal Youth Leader(North-West), Hon. Hamza Jibia who according to him displayed good leadership and direction for the youth.

Read statement in full: 

The Katsina State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are in the news for positive reasons due to the recently concluded Local Government and Ward primaries ahead of Local Government elections scheduled for April, 2022. 

Under the able Chairmanship of Hon. Salisu Yusuf Majigiri and all leaders of the Party in the State; the party has clearly shown its commitment and belief in the youth to deliver. It is quite unprecedented that, out of 361 wards, 259 Candidates for Councilorship are young people taking about 72% of the available elective positions. It is even more impressive when you take cognizance of the fact that 60% of these candidates are aged between 25 and 30 years.

A special mention must be reserved for the PDP Acting Zonal Youth Leader(North-West), Hon. Hamza Jibia for his unalloyed display of leadership and direction for the youth. Recently I put out a statement saying “I am not here to make name. “I am here to make a difference, to help bring other young people into political positions”. It is important to state that there is now a clear agenda and direction for the youth in the party.  We have taken it upon ourselves to convince the leadership of the party on the importance of supporting the Youth to contest Local Government and Councillorship elections. 

 As National Youth Leader, we won’t relent in our efforts at championing the cause of the youth until the PDP takes its place as the most veritable platform for young people to realize their political ambitions and effect change in their reflective societies. While it may be easier to only talk and make posts on Social Media, I always reiterate that the grassroots is the backbone of politics. Our political orientation recognizes Local Governments as the first and focal point of political contact. Therefore, the vibrancy, energy and vigor of the youth to impact the lives of their people is a welcome addition to the political space. 

Kaduna, my home State is a clear example. The results of the 2021 Local Government elections reflect our rhetoric and narrative on the politics of the State.The number of Councillors voted under PDP is an affirmation of our struggles and belief that we are setting a solid political foundation with the grassroots as focal point, Prince Kadade added. 

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