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Women Groups Present Report On 'Electoral Accountability, Integrity' In Nigeria


MacArthur Foundation, WRAPA, Partner With Women Groups Ahead Of 2023 Election. 

Report On The Improving Electoral Accountability And Integrity In NIGERIAy Project 

In pursuance of the project themed “IMPROVING ELECTORAL INTERGRITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY IN NIGERIA” sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation which is being executed by WRAPA in partnership with Women in Politics Forum, Women Trust Fund, 100 Women Lobby Group and ElectHer, the Women in Politics Forum has centered on specific activities targeted at achieving results come 2023 elections.

Advocacy Visits To Political Parties : 

Women in Politics Forum considered it critical to pay advocacy visits to political parties because of the critical role political parties play in the electoral process. The aim of the visits is to call political parties’ attention to the provisions of their constitutions on matters of inclusivity and gender equality as it is well known that some of the parties have adopted the 35% affirmative policy in their various constitutions. However, despite these provisions, there is still a great vacuum that is yet to be filled due to lack of internal democracy in political parties. We believe that if this can be addressed and parties are held accountable to their constitution, this would improve internal party democracy and it will be instrumental in achieving the objective of the project.


The meeting with political parties gave us more insight on the leadership of the Inter party advisory council ( IPAC) and with this, we have been able to speak with strategic parties in the IPAC that would be able to achieve women’s inclusion in the IPAC through the party’s nominated candidate.

The parties visited under this project are:

• Accord Party, 14th October, 2021

• Young Progressive’s Party, 15th October 2021

• African Democratic Congress, 20th October, 2021

• Zenith Labour Party (yet to be visited)

Coordinating Meeting With Implementing Partners : 

This activity was also important as it was held to equip implementing partners with focused and precise angles in achieving the project goal, assisting each other and also to intimate implementing partners with progress of project execution so far and further educate them on their roles.


At the end of the meeting, certain areas were highlighted as important in the execution of future activities such as the meeting with the young women in politics and the coordinating meetings in Abia and Sokoto states.

This activity held on:

• 13th October, 2021

• 21st October, 2021

Inter Party Meeting With Young Women In Politics : 

Women in Politics Forum also considered this a vital activity in this project as it is important to Identify issues that have worked against women’s' participation in politics and proffer possible workable solutions and to equip female politicians with strategies on existing party and national policies that will increase chances to win elections and women’s' participation in Nigerian politics.


The meeting with the young women in politics from various political parties saw one of the women, Mina Horsfall, running for the position of Chairperson of the Abuja Municipal Area Council. Also, the young women were able to set aside personal and political interests in order to work together and support each other to increase women’s participation in politics. The young women also gave assurance that they would be using their position and influence to promote the online voters registration.

This activity held on 23rd October, 2021

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