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JUST IN: How Obaseki's Approach To Education Attracted World Bank - Opinion By John Ewah


Obaseki Secures At Least 1.2 billion Dollars From The World Bank In Driving The Edo BEST Initiative.

Leadership with genuine intent will always attract the attention of those with common interest in human and societal development. 

In the Harry Potter series, the sword of Godric Griffindor is seen to appear to a true Griffindor in their time of need. It cannot be conjured by any means of sorcery by whomever wills it. So it has become for Governor Godwin Obaseki whose intellectual magic wand has conjured giant developmental strides which have fascinated many, including his ability to get help from global bodies in driving his transformation initiatives in Edo State.

While many have ascribed such successes to his background in financial expertise as an investment banker, it will suffice to say that while titles have been known to breed titles, the same cannot be said for global financial institutions like the World Bank who cannot be hoodwinked into rendering financial supports for initiatives that have no bearing on germane needs of the larger society.

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has been able to secure at least 1.2 billion Dollars from the World Bank in driving the Edo BEST initiative, a transformation programme for the Basic Education sub-sector of the State. Edo BEST today has digitized teaching and learning at the basic Education level in the State and has seen to the training of over eleven thousand (11,000) teachers and head teachers in digital pedagogy with every teacher in the scheme having access to a computer tab with which they deliver daily lessons. This has made the synchronization of lessons possible for all basic classes in the State.

Teachers have also been introduced to modern teaching methods and new approaches to propel motivations in pupils. Corporal punishment has been substituted with motivational discipline methods. The transformation that Edo BEST provides has bearing on not just the tech-approach to modern teaching but also on learning outcomes and character.

Recently a group of World Bank delegates were in Benin City, Edo State, for routine inspection. They were hosted by Family Support Programme Nursery and Primary School Benin, (FSP) an Edo BEST school, and were taken on a tour round the school to inspect facilities as well as the new teaching techniques now adopted at the basic education level in Edo State. After series of engagements with pupils and teachers, Ms. Mari Elka Pangetsu, Managing Director, Development Policy and Partnership, World Bank, who led the delegates, expressed satisfaction over the level of infrastructural development witnessed.

The current Commissioner for Education in Edo State, Ms. Joan Osa Oviawe, under whose leadership as Chairman of Edo SUBEB the Edo BEST programme kicked off and took shape, was also on ground to welcome and join the dialogue with the global visitors.

Appreciating them for their support, the Commissioner for Education acquainted them of the progress so far recorded and why more support is required to enable a similar success story in the Edo BEST 2.0 programme recently launched by Governor Godwin Obaseki. Edo BEST 2.0 is aimed at extending the Edo BEST initiative to not only Junior and Senior School levels but also technical schools and tertiary institutions in the State.

The current Chairman of Edo SUBEB was also on ground to acquaint the World Bank delegates on the Sustainability plan for Edo BEST. She noted that the successes recorded in the Edo BEST 1.0 programme warranted the launching of Edo BEST 2.0. She noted that while the digitization of the programme at the senior and tertiary levels is now on course, a consolidation effort at the primary level is also ongoing to ensure that grey areas are adequately attended.

The World Bank delegates expressed satisfaction as they saw firsthand what Edo State Government has been up to in the Basic Education sub-sector of the State. Their positive submissions rested on the evidence of their eyes. Governor Godwin Obaseki is committed to providing quality education for the Edo child. His giant strides in Basic Education has left an indelible impression on the minds of the delegates who are willing to continue in their partnership with Edo State in making the State become an education hub in Africa as well as globally

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