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#YorubaNation Rally: Lagos State Police Officers Allege Spiritual Attacks


Lagos Police Officers Cry Out For Help Over Swollen Hands After Beating Up Female Spiritualists During Yoruba Nation Rally.

According to reports reaching the news desk of MediaOrchid, some of the officers present during the #YorubaNation rally which held in Lagos state are currently experiencing painful abnormalities in their bodies, believed to be the consequence of physically assaulting female yoruba spiritualists under the camouflage of dispersing them from the venue of rally.

In a recorded telephone conversation going viral, a man who identifies as a police officer from the Lagos state command while reaching out to family members called for help and deliverance from what he described as a " spiritual attack " lamenting that quite a number of Policemen who physically assaulted the protesters now suffer from swollen hands and are currently seeking spiritual help.

MediaOrchid recalls that on Saturday men of the Nigerian Police were seen taking up combatant positions at Ojota in a bid to stop the #YorubaNation protesters though when interviewed, the Lagos state CP said the  presence of the police and the barricading of areas by its men was to 'stop hoodlums from high jacking the protest' and causing mayhem, adding that an Intel had provided such information. 

MediaOrchid also reported how a 24 year old hawker Jumoke initially speculated to be 14 years old was reported to have been shot dead by the police although the police issued a statement denying any form of shooting during the protest and adding that the blood seen on Jumoke was 'not fresh'. 

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The Policeman in the recording while lamenting, also mentioned that a top ranking police officer is currently battling to recover his voice having lost it after the protest.

" We took to our heels at some point after four of our vehicles developed faults all at the same time, we had to leave our location immediately.

" All those who beat up and harassed those female spiritualists in white cloth now have their hands terribly swollen and are currently seeking spiritual help.

" Even one of our boss is suffering and struggling to get back his voice. We have 'bitten more than we can chew' ," he added.

Following the #YorubaNation protest the house of Sunday Igboho was invaded by men of the Nigerian Army, who in the process destroyed properties and killed little cats found in the compound while taking away the bigger cat which according to an eye witness, was believed by the Army to be Sunday Igboho who transformed into a cat. 

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No fewer than 49 Yoruba Nation Protesters have been arrested by the Nigerian Police.

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