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SGBV: Man Beats Wife To Death In Edo Over Refusal To Have Sex

Family Of Deceased Demand Prosecution Of Emmanuel For Murder Of Ugieki Asemota Over Her Refusal To Have Sex With Him.

Reports on murder of an Edo woman Ugieki Asemota by her husband for refusing to have sex him is making rounds and has saturated cyber space. 

Late Ugieki on Monday June 28 2021 in a bid to avoid issues with her  husband Emmanuel went into her room at their residence on Abaegbe street in Evbotutu area of Benin the Edo state capital and locked the door. 

Emmanuel, who however persisted in attempting to enter the room went and picked up and axe and began hitting the door. 

Ugieki made to escape via the window, but unknown to her Emmanuel had turned to the back of the house having heard her opening the window hit her with a plank and kept beating her till she went into a coma.

According to Victoria Omoruyi, the twin sister of the deceased, Ugieki was first taken to two hospitals and was rejected but was accepted by the third, and was admitted immediately adding her sister had been experiencing violence in her marriage with Emmanuel. 

“ They had been having issues before that day and the man was always beating her. But on that night, he wanted to have sex with her and my sister said he should go to his room because she was not ready for his trouble.

“ They quarrelled that day and my sister managed it till the evening of the following day. When it became intense, she entered her room and locked the door to avoid any trouble with him. But around midnight, he came banging the door with an axe and asking my sister to open the door that he wanted to sleep with her.

“ My sister told him to go to his room and leave her alone, but he kept banging and when my sister saw that if he should meet her in the room with the way he was banging the door, he would kill her, so she tried to escape through the window. Unknown to her, her husband heard when she tried to sneak out through the window.

“ Her husband accosted her by the window, dragged her down and hit her head on a block that was beside the window while he continued beating her. My sister pleaded with him that she was losing her strength, but he didn’t answer her till she became unconscious and he left her for dead. Their tenants could not come out for fear that Emmanuel would turn the fight against them.

“ When the tenants realized that they could not hear any noise again, they came out to rescue my sister and took her to a hospital. She was rejected at the two hospitals she was taken to before she was admitted to the third hospital.  When we got to the hospital, we were asked to do some tests and scans. It was around 2pm that she opened her eyes and talked, but she could not turn or raise her fingers.”


Ugieki having spent a couple of days on the hospital was then moved to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, and was placed on oxygen. She unfortunately died on the July 7 2021. 

According to the Edo state PRO, Kontongs Bello, Emmanuel will be charged to court after investigations have been concluded adding that  “The couple were married in 2002 and had two boys together before she died. The woman denied him sex and he beat her to a coma. When we finish our preliminary investigation, we will charge him to court.”

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