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Dinidari Foundation To Hold 1 Day Conference To Advocate For Women Inclusion, Political Participation


"From The Streets To Parliament", Dinidari Africa Schedules Conference On 'Strengthening Women's Political Power in Nigeria.' 

.....Partners With Heinrich Boll Stiftung. 

Dinidari Foundation is one of Africa’s youth led unique life changing non-profit organization with the aim of strengthening a society where the basic fundamental rights of the vulnerable women and youths are upheld has announced that it would be holding a conference with the theme ; " From. The Street To Parliament."

The conference which is scheduled for July 20 2021 seeks to strengthen Women's Political Power In Nigeria. 

The foundation has also announced its recent partnership with Heinrich Bill Stiftung a German Green Political foundation that works with activists, thinkers an networks in civil society, business and politics to stimulate public debate and action for a socially just and sustainable Nigeria. 

" As part of the work we do at Dinidari Foundation in advancing equal opportunity for women, girls and youths and empowering them to use their voices as well as play an active role in democratic process with various projects which have advocated for inclusive political participation of women and girls. 

" We announce our recent partnership with Heinrich Boll Stiftung, with a common goal to platform and mainstream Women's voices and influence in the build up to 2023 and beyond, Female activists and politicians of different generations will be engaged in a public dialogue/ debate that will unpacks ways and strategies to strengthen women’s political power and participation in Nigeria for the promotion of a society based on social justice and gender equality.

" Throughout Nigeria’s history women have been fighting for a world with gender equality, freedom from oppression and equal opportunity to participate in the democratic process . Continually marginalized in government power structures, they have played a crucial role in Nigeria’s civic space and efforts for increased political accountability from the streets. An example is the recent #EndSARS protests where young women and women-led organization’s played a crucial role in sustaining the peaceful protests.

" How do we then build a democracy in Nigeria that guarantees that political and decision-making processes are free from oppression, are inclusive and enable all citizens to participate in an informed and autonomous manner towards building a society based on the principles of social justice and gender equality?

" To discuss these and other related questions, Dinidari Foundation will host a one day conference Tagged; "FROM THE STREETS TO THE PARLIAMENT: STRENGTHENING WOMEN'S POLITICAL POWER IN NIGERIA" This will bring together notable and relevant women voices from the older and younger generations. Specifically, speakers and discussants at the conference will include young women that played an important role in the recent #EndSARS protests like Rinu Oduala and women that have been able to entrench themselves in the party political landscape like Oby Ezekwesili, among others."

The conference will be hosted live on African Independent Television (AIT) before a live studio audience; will be streamed live via Zoom and Facebook. 


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