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BREAKING: President Jovonel Moise Assassinated In Port-au-Prince


Spanish Speaking Gunmen Assassinate President Of Haiti In His Private Residence.

The attack and Assassination of President Haita comes after years of protest against his government and call for his resignation by Haita People. 

Jovonel became president of Haita in 2017, Haita has been largely described as one of the poorest countries 

Jovonel Moise according to the statement issued by the interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph, was attacked in the wee hours 1am to be precise  of Wednesday at his private residence in Port-au-Prince by Spanish speaking assailants. 

Claude Joseph has also proclaimed himself as being in charge of the country and further urged the citizens to remain calm. 

The wife of late Jovonel is reported to have been sustained serious Injuries inflicted upon her by the assailants and is currently in the hospital.

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