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BREAKING:[VIDEO]: President Of France Slapped In The Face By Citizen


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Man Slaps Emmanuel Macron, President Of France Across A Barrier.

The president of France Emmanuel Macron was on Monday June 8 2021 Slapped by man in a crowd. 

According to a report from BBC, the incident happened after President Macron visited a hotel school in southeast France

In a video circulating on social media, Mr Macron is seen walking up to a barrier on a trip to Tain-l'Hermitage outside the city of Valence.

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A man slaps Mr Macron in the face before officers quickly move in. The president, meanwhile, is pulled away.

Two men have been arrested in the wake of the incident, according to French media.

As the president is slapped, the words "Down with Macron-ism" are shouted.

Politicians have swiftly denounced the incident.

Prime Minister Jean Castex told the National Assembly shortly afterwards that while democracy meant debate and legitimate disagreement "it must never in any case mean violence, verbal aggression and even less physical attack".

 Mélenchon tweeted his "solidarity with the President" immediately after the slap.

Marine Le Pen posted her own condemnation, saying that "while democratic debate can be bitter, it can never tolerate physical violence".

President Macron is currently on a tour of France and had just visited a hotel school in Tain-l'Hermitage. His visit to the area was set to continue on Tuesday, officials said, with a trip to a vocational institute for 25-30 year-olds.

The president's visit comes on the eve of a major step for French bars and restaurants, which will be able to reopen to indoor customers after seven months of closure. France's overnight curfew is also being pushed back on Wednesday from 21:00 to 23:00

Source:  BBC News.

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