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Who Is Afraid Of Saraki - Abdulqadir Abdulganiyu

" Who Is Afraid Of Saraki,

An Opinion By  Abdulqadir Abdulganiyu

...... Kwara State Government Terrified, Hires Ghost Writers To Do Black Ops.


Facts, they say, are sacred. In this regard, the fact that the Kwara State Government feels the need to hire ghost-writers to do its black-ops opinion pieces on the immediate-past President of the Senate, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, points to the fact that they are terrified about the moves he has been making, both at home in Kwara State and across the nation, as the Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) National Reconciliation and Strategy Committee (PDP NRSC).

You see, it’s easy to twist facts, muddy up dates, and create alternate narratives. Additionally, it is a lot easier to raise one finger to point at another person’s faults, when four dirty fingers are staring right back at you. However, to walk readers through the process of how the Tuesday, May 25th article titled ‘Saraki, and a Labour in Vain,’ written by one character known as ‘Abdullah Abdulganiy’ published in The Nation, is devoid of facts, it is necessary to highlight the following:

Following the inauguration of the PDP NRSC chaired by Dr. Saraki, I heard a commentator on the radio say: “If political parties wore make-up, right now, the PDP has chosen to accept that it has acne — which is treatable and has set up a reconciliation committee as a cure. While, on the other hand, the APC, which has several malignant tumours on its face, has chosen to cover up its significant flaws with cheap, over-the-counter dusting powder.”

As an opposition party, the PDP clearly understands that it needs to work harder than the party that controls the center if it wants to win the hearts and minds of Nigerians ahead of the 2023 general election. This is why, it chose a strategic genius like Saraki — a man whose antenna for politics and governance is matched by very few — to lead its reconciliation committee. It must be noted, that because the party understands that the work of the committee is not cosmetic, it has allowed the committee to work independently — without any interference.

This is why, the committee has recorded several successes in the South West, the North East, and the North Central zones. Additionally, it must be noted that even the PDP National Working Committee; the party leaders and stakeholders in their states; the Saraki-led NRSC; and perhaps, even their own parents, could have stopped Governors Umahi and Ayade from leaving the PDP — even though Umahi left the party before Saraki’s committee started working.

Those who know the inside stories, understand that both Umahi and Ayade have always been APC in spirit, and PDP on paper. This is why their almost-solo defections may have created ripples amongst the non-political class, but in the scheme of things, the APC gained two men; while the PDP lost two Governors, because the PDP preserved the state party structures in both states.

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