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Matawalle Revokes All Land Titles, Demands e-Certification For All Land Owners


Zamfara State Government Revokes All Land Titles In The State, Property Owners To Apply Via Zamfara Geographic Information System (ZAGIS).

The government of Zamfara State has announced the revoking of all land titles in the state. 

According to Yusuf Gusau, an aide to Gov Bello Matawalle on Media, he said the decision was announced on Thursday at the flag-off of the issuance of electronic certificates of occupancy stressing that the decision was taken to address corruption associated with the manual issuance of certificates of occupancy, while property owners have been directed to apply through the Zamfara geographic information system (ZAGIS) for 'recertification of their respective titles with the new policy of granting electronic certificates.' 

“All problems associated with land transactions will be resolved with the use of modern technology as the recertification of all land titles will assist in the current fight against banditry and sundry crimes,” Matawalle was quoted to have said.

“ Owners of all land titles would now have their records available in a secured database; and that the new e-C of Os would also make it easier for financial institutions to check the authenticity of certificates for those who choose to use them as collateral for bank loans.”

Persons making fresh applications for land titles are also expected to apply through ZAGIS, just as landowners have been urged “to come forward and certify their titles and also to pay their ground rents as and when due”.

People who do not own any lands, but are interested in applying for land titles have also been advised to apply through ZAGIS same way landowners have been directed " to approach the government and certify their titles and also pay their ground rents as and when due." 

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