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"Democracy Under Threat" NLC President Wabba Cries, Reveals How Armed Thugs Attacked Peaceful NLC Protesters


NLC President Wabba Blows Hot, Declares  El-Rufai's Days Of Propaganda Are Over

.... Says Gov El-Rufai Does Not Have The Power To Declare Him Wanted.

President of Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, making reference to the labour law, miscellaneous act and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,stressed that governor El-Rufai does not have the powers to declare him wanted.

In an address to pensioners, students, women and others in a Kaduna rally on Wednesday at the ongoing 5-day warning strike organized by the Nigeria Labour Congress against the sacking of workers by governor Nasir El-Rufai, Wabba said if people like governor Nasir El-Rufai were given the power to have state police, they would do worst in the country.

Comrade Ayuba Wabba applauded the efforts of some governors. He said, 

" there are good ones among them that would ensure proper utilisation of the activities of the state police in their respective states." 

Speaking further he said, the NLC and its affiliates have the capacity to carry out the protest and to bring down all the economic sector of the country. 

“ We deploy workers power when it becomes necessary and obvious to do so. We deployed workers power in Kaduna as a matter of last resort.”

Ayuba Wabba also expressed his  disappointment in the government of Kaduna State emphasizing that the government only preaches propaganda, and further laid emphasis that it's the dawn of a new era and the days or propaganda are over. 

He further called on all Nigerian workers to open a black book to record the incident of Tuesday, 18th May 2021 where protesting members of the NLC were attacked by armed thugs widely speculated to have been hired by the state government. Stressing that such an incident needs to be recorded. 

He said, Nigeria’s democracy was ' under threat' because of people like governor Nasir El-Rufai, and furthers said, " with people like El-Rufai, insecurity would be on the increase."  Making reference to happenings in Kaduna State and the rise In insecurity, Wabba said, it is a perfect demonstration of the type of leadership the people in the state are experiencing adding that sacking of workers by El-Rufai was irrational. 

Making reference to his being a member of 163 countries under the auspices of the International Trade Confederation and 207 million workers under them he said signals have been sent to the entire world, and further added that "  Gov Nasir El-Rufai will marvel at the turn out od events should he dare visit any of the countries under ITC

Wamba registering his displeasure asked that the thugs carrying guns, sticks, machetes and knives who were brought in very early in the morning on Tuesday with about , 20 trucks into Kaduna having been apprehended by security agencies be prosecuted and tried publicly while their sponsors must be exposed.

He further revealed that he careful  observed that throughout the protest, workers were mindful not to destroy any item but lamented that the government has hired people to drop charges that transformers and other valuable items have been stolen during the protests.

Also making reference to Unemployment, Economic Exploitation and banditry which according to him were introduced by the political elite and must be addressed. 

The president of the NLC Ayuba Wabba said, 

“ We will stand very resolute if it means reactivating the decision of the National Executive Council to close the economy which was what we agreed, it will be reactivated and all of us will be informed.”

While acknowledging the spirit of the Nigerian workers, pensioners, women, students and stakeholders for being resolute in their demands assured that victory for them is sure so long as they stay united. 

Warning some women who he alleged accepted money to embark on a counter protest against the NLC, he said "we can not be discouraged because we are on a noble course." 

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