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2023: Group Endorse Bala Mohammed, Calls On Him To Contest


Group Recommends Governor Bala Mohammed As Candidate For Presidency In 2023.

..... Entreats Gov. Bala Mohammed To Answer The Call, Says He Will Salvage Nigeria From Total Collapse. 

A group known as ' Bala Mohammed Support Group' says it has recommended the Governor of Bauchi state as an option for the presidential race come 2023.

The group led by the National Coordinator Dr. Engr. Richard J. Agene in a world press conference held on Friday May 7 2021 at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja where the group made what or referred to as a "patriotic call" to his Excellency the Executive Governor of Bauchi state Senator Bala Mohammed. 

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WORLD PRESS CONFERENCE: A Patriotic Call To Sen Bala Mohammed 

" A Patriotic Call On His Excellency, The Executive Governor of Bauchi State, Sen. Bala Mohammed (Kauran Bauchi), to Contest for the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, come 2023.

" Gentlemen of the Press, the Leaders and critical stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Leaders of the various PDP support groups, ladies and gentlemen.

" It is with a great sense of responsibility in the collective search for a true leadership to salvage our nation from the current state of affairs including the unfortunate security situation of our dear country Nigeria, that we have embarked on a nation-wide consultation with critical stakeholders across the 36 states of the federation and the FCT, as well as 774 local government areas across our country for this very important gathering.

" It is no longer news that our country is in dire need of leadership; our security architecture have collapsed, the economy is in shambles, government institutions have become helpless, poverty has taken over the land, killings, kidnapping, banditry, maiming, arm-robbery, insurgency, sexual abuse, corruption among other vices have almost become our new national anthem; our nation, the once pride of Africa has been brought to her knees.

" As Dr. Maxwell once posited that, everything rises and falls on leadership. ”

" It is incontrovertible that the Nigerian enterprise is no doubt in dire need of a strong, visionary and purposeful leader, who has the capability, will power and zeal to lead our nation on the right path and correct the abnormalities confronting us as a nation.

" As patriotic Nigerians and members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), we are aligned with the efforts of our great party as the rallying point of all men and women of goodwill in our country to rescue our nation from the stranglehold of the incompetent, divisive and overtly corrupt All Progressives Congress (APC), come 2023.

" It is in this regard that we believe that the right step must be taking by throwing up a Presidential candidate that will be generally acceptable to the Nigerian people across board for the task ahead.

" After a very thorough and extensive consultation among stakeholders from across the six geo-political zone, and after due review of the array of credible leaders in our party, there is an emerging consensus towards competence, reliability, performance and pan Nigerianism in the choice of the next President.

" In these consultations across stakeholders, one name continued to future over others among our array of contemporary leaders in our country. Ladies and gentlemen, with humility, we wish to report that that name is Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State.

" It is in this regard that this group is calling on the Governor of Bauchi state, Sen. Bala Mohammed, to please answer the call by compatriots to lead in the task of salvaging the country from total collapse, by making himself available to contest as President of the Federal Republic of Nigerian come 2023.

" Senator Bala Mohammed, without any contestations, possess the much-sought credentials for the purpose and visionary leader, who can unite our nation and redirect our national energies for productivity, wealth creation and political stability of our country.

" Senator Bala Mohammed is a leader, who understand the nuances of our nation with an inherent zeal and will power to effectively manage our national diversity for that united and virile nation of the dreams of our founding fathers. This ostensibly is why he is widely accepted across the nation as the desired leader to lead our nation out of the wood.


" Born on the 5th of October 1958, Senator Bala Mohammed, the Governor of Bauchi state, was also Minister of Federal Capital Territory from 2010 to 2015, where he led many reforms and laid solid foundation for the stability and massive development of the federal capital. He was a Senator from Bauchi State between 2007 and 2010. 

" A journalist, public servant, legislator and administrator, Senator Bala Mohammed possesses the skills and experience needed to fix our ailing nation.

" His proficiency in public service in the ministries of Internal Affairs, Solid Minerals, Power and Steel and Transportation and Aviation; as well as his experience in administration of the FCT, administration in the Nigerian Meteorological Agency, administration of the Nigerian Railway Corporation and government of Bauchi state, set him out for the task ahead.

" Moreover, considering the zoning principles of our beloved party, and the inclination by party stakeholders to zone the presidency to the North East or South East in the interest of equity, justice and fair-play our country, we are pleased tom report that consultations so far made indicate a preference for Senator Bala Mohammed, who is from the Northeast.

" It is against this backdrop that the Sen. Bala Mohammed Support Group is strongly recommending him to the PDP as a viable option for us to wining the general election, come 2023.

" We implore all our party faithful to support in mobilizing the youths and the entire party faithful for this unstoppable movement.

" Thank you and God bless you "

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