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Nigerian Army Attacks Home Of Sunday Igboho


Men Of The Nigerian Army Attack. Home Of Popular Yoruba Activist, Sunday Igboho At Wee Hours.

Mr. Olayomi Koiki, Spokesperson to popular Yoruba activist Sunday Igboho has revealed that Sunday Igboho's house was attacked by men of the Nigerian Army on Monday. 

Broadcasting live on Facebook, Mr Koiki said the “enemies of progress” arrived at residence of  Sunday Igboho in Soka Ibadan the Oyo state capital at 2am a which he described as “fortified”.

He emphasized that gunshots were fired as the men tried to gain entry but failed as a result of the fortification and further accused the Federal Government of working with the government of Oyo State to carry out attack. 

“ There is nothing more than the federal government of Nigeria that have again done the best of what they know to do best, threatening, trying to kill, kidnap, and that is what has happened in the residence of Chief Sunday Igboho’s house.

“ Just before 2 o’clock in the morning, there was a couple of gunshots. When I say couple of them, it’s quite a lot of them,” he said while maintaining that Mr Igboho and his family were in good health,” Mr Koiki claimed.

Koiki speaking further said, security units immediately activated emergency alert and “everyone was put on a full red alert and that means there was a real danger as well and the danger means there was a threat to the life of those living in Igboho’s house at Soka.”

Mr. Koiki also said, 

“Yorubaland does not belong to the Fulanis,” Igboho’s aide asked other South-West states to prepare because “we will fight.”

Issuing a stern warning and asking that  Yoruba land stays prepared for the days ahead, he said,

“The time has probably arrived. If they don’t want us to go in peace, we will do it the other way round. That is something that I have said continuously.

“If they do not want us to stay and settle this amicably, then every Yoruba sons and daughters at home, go and prepare because it is time for war,” he threatened, adding that “we will shut down the whole South-West and let them know that we are not those that they think we are.”

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