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" Achieving Security For Nigerians ", Olisa Metuh Redeems Pledge


Chief Olisa Metuh Redeems Pledge For Prizes For participants In his "Achieving Security for Nigerians" Facebook Post.

Recall that MediaOrchid reported that Chief Olisa Metuh, the former National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party had put up a trivia post calling for suggestions from Nigerians on his Official Facebook Fan Page on the possible solutions to the insecurity situations beleaguering Nigeria as a country . 


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Chief Olisa Metuh on his official Facebook page said, 

" After careful examinations of the responses gotten , a set of prize winners were selected carefully based on their best 3 suggestions .

" Additional consolation prizes were won by 5 other persons after the first 3 runners up. 


" We received many interesting comments, reactions and contributions by well-meaning citizens on this topic. Unsurprisingly, the exercise revealed that the government will benefit immensely by listening to the people on options and alternatives to their various policies and programmes. 

" The common themes through a lot of the suggestions include but are not limited to the following:

1. State/community police to operate independently like state judicial service commissions. Preference should be given locals.

2. Well trained, better equipped and more motivated security personnel. Emphasis in promotions should be on performance rather than religious and ethnic considerations.

3. Public enlightenment of citizens on the responsibilities regarding security.

4. Impartial and immediate resolutions of ethnic and religious conflicts.

5. Introduction of a central database for tracking and surveillance. House owners must have security cameras and CCTV mounted around the premises. Also an aggressive application of the national ID card for all citizens.

6. Relevant authorities must exude justice and uphold moral values.

7. Our political leaders must be circumspect in their utterances; their actions/speeches must be nationalistic, patriotic and unifying. 

8. Tackling employment with special focus on development of social, economic and physical infrastructure for industrial growth geared towards the youth. Also targetted sports development for the youth.

10. Stopping frequent and incessant transfers of senior police officers. This leads to inability to properly implement intelligence gathering 

11. More investments in civil relations, mental health and accommodation of security personnel. 

12. Registration of settlers with the host community.

13. Removal of interference and undue influence on judiciary by the executive

14. Better monitoring of societal values such as investigations of sudden wealth.

15. Encouragement of good governance is sine qua non for achieving better security across the land.  

" It is pertinent to appreciate all the participants in this novel project in the quest for lasting solutions to our security challenges as a nation.

" After a very painstaking review of all contributions, prize winning entries have been selected in line with the already laid down criteria and choice of support for a charity to be nominated by the winners.

" In addition five extra contributions were picked for consolation prizes.

" However, some entries, though very thoughtful, were excluded for prizes given the closeness of the contributors to the Facilitator. Such contributions include those of Cynthia Metuh, a niece and Thomas Ibu, a staff under the facilitator, during his tenure as the spokesperson of the PDP.

" The First prize of N100,000 goes to the contribution by Ismaila Ashipa given its scope, tenor and practicability.

" The Second prize of N50,000 goes to the contribution by Maduka Prinz Arthur, which apart from content value, also met the criteria for the position, with the highest like (71) while the third price of N30,000 goes to the contribution by Olu Uzo Presh.

" The five consolation prizes of N20,000 each go to contributions by Dele Oyekan (with 50 likes), Wogu Nnamdi, Celestine Obi, Dist Comrade Reward Nkpi and Ekwueme Victor Virex

" We thank all the contributors for their patriotism in this regard and we assure that the aggregate suggestions will be transmitted to the relevant authorities for appropriate action." 

To participate in the next round of the competition , like and follow.

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