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EXPOSED : 216 Assets, Funds In UAE Owned By 13 Nigerian Law Enforcement Officials - HEDA


Anti-Corruption Organization HEDA Has Accused UK, UAE Of Felony. 

.... Says They Allow Illegal Movement Of Money From Nigeria.

The anti-corruption organisation, Human and Environmental Development Agenda,(HEDA) claims that Nigeria’s 800 stolen illicit assets and funds worth over $400 million are kept in the United Arab Emirates.

According to a news agency  PeoplesGazette, HEDA linked more than half of the $400 million to Nigerian public officeholders.

The group disclosed this on Tuesday at a conference held in Abuja, in corroboration with other foreign anti-corruption experts.

Thirteen law enforcement officials own 216 of the stolen assets and funds, while 584 belong to public officials, according to HEDA.

Olanrewaju Suraju, HEDA’s chairman, accused the United Kingdom and the UAE as culprits of the regular illicit financial flow from Nigeria.

Speaking earlier, the Executive Secretary, Presidential Advisory Council Against Corruption, PACAC, Sadiq Raddah noted that the Nigerian government was concerned about illicit financial flow.

He said, “Politically exposed persons are not just politicians but also their families while enablers of illicit financial flow include dealers in precious minerals, professionals who enhance and sustain illicit financial flows.”

The conference recommended that Nigeria should  review its international obligations like the UN Conventions on Corruption which has five focal points, including international cooperation, technical assistance, asset recovery, and the Mutual Legal Assistance.

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