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COVID-19 : Estwatini's Prime Minister Dies After Testing Positive For Coronavirus


Ambrose Dlamin Eswatini's Prime Minister  has died after testing positive for COVID-19.


Estwatini's Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini who was reported to have tested positive for coronavirus in November has died four weeks after he tested positive for coronavirus.

Dlamini announced he had tested positive for coronavirus on November 16 2020 and said he was asymptomatic and was feeling well at the time of the announcement. 

A few weeks later, on 1 December, the Eswatini government said Dlamini had been moved to a hospital in South Africa, with the aim of fast-tracking his recovery.

A statement released by the government statement said, Dlamini, 52, died on Sunday afternoon in hospital in South Africa and though the cause of the death was not mentioned, sources however suggest that Dlamini died from #COVID19 related complications owing to the fact that he was receiving treatment recently for Covid-19 in South Africa.

 "Prime Minister Dlamini died while under medical care in a hospital in South Africa", without giving more details.

"Government in collaboration with the family will keep the nation informed of subsequent arrangements," Deputy Prime Minister Themba Masuku said in the statement.

Dlamini who had been prime minister of Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland, since October 2018 is one of the last absolute monarchies in the world.

According to the ministry of health, Estwatini with a population of about one million, the country has recorded 6,768 coronavirus infections and 127 deaths linked to the pandemic. 

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