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#EndSARS : Nigerian Officials Sanctioned By UK Over Lekki Shooting



Members of the United Kingdom Parliament  have condemned police brutality and killing of unarmed protesters.

The Parliament on Monday unanimously called for selected sanctions against Nigerian government officials and military officers who participated in human rights violation during the #EndSARS protest. 

The debate which was based on an e-petition calling for sanctions against the Nigerian government signed by over 200,000 was supported by all parliamentarian when it was deliberated at the Westminster Hall on Monday evening. 

All chamber members spoke across ideological divides to condemn the U.K. Government for standing neutral while the Nigerian government violated young protesters. 

NigerianTelegraph reported that shootings at Lekki, Oyigbo, Delta as well as the unjust victimization of protesters after the protest and the freezing of protesters accounts, parliamentarians were cited and describing  President Buhari’s administration as nothing short of a dictatorship. 

Members agreed that state actors and their family members in Nigeria should not have access to the freedom, liberty and security they deny their citizens at home in the UK.

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