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#EndSARS Protest : Gov. Uzodinma Exonerates Imo Youths, Says Original Protesters Were Peaceful


Governor Hope Uzodinma exonerates Imo Youths from violent acts, killing and burning of private and public buildings in Imo state.

......Says #EndSARS Protesters peacefully raised genuine concerns.

The Governor of Imo State Sen. Hope Uzodimma has disassociated and exonerated Imo youths from the attacks and vandalization of both government and private infrastructures and business places in the state.

A statement released on Monday by ' Hope New, Electronic Media,' the media department of the Imo state government read;

" It has become imperative that while many may be condemning such acts in the state, we do not as well cast aspersions on our youths that genuinely took to the roads to protest against police brutality and the need to end Bad governance in the country.

" As a youth friendly governor, Sen. Hope Uzodimma may not be far fetched from the truth owing to the acceptance of his address by the #EndSARS protesters in Owerri and his firm resolve to take up their issues up to the presidency and most especially by living up to his promises as witnessed in the recent N2B empowerment funds, all was a soothing balm on the nerves of imo youths which made the state peace while other states was been ravaged by series of unrest and vandalization.

" Surprisingly, the once peaceful Imo state protest started getting infiltrated by agent provocateurs whose intentions are not in sync with the original objectives. In a bid to ruin the reputation of what has been built by the original protesters and that of the state government, Police stations, government offices and officers as well as banks and other private buildings were set ablaze by persons whose physiognomy screamed violence and gradually Imo State was becoming a haven of narcotics and other psychoactive users, hence the need for the curfew to restore normalcy in the state.

" A careful observation as to the events of the unrest in the state revealed that the #EndSARS Protest in the state was hijacked by hoodlums imported into the state by the opposition, with the sole purpose of plunging the state into several activities that will form the basis of criminal and security threats and in turn call for a State of Emergency in Imo State." 

MediaOrchid recalls that Uzodinma had on Saturday as a result of reports of violence erupting in different LGAs in the state declared a curfew to help stop activities by hoodlums who had taken to the street to destroy both public and private properties. 

Commending Imo Youths first he said, 

" I use this opportunity to particularly salute my beloved Imo Youths for making me very proud indeed. I have always known that I can count on you at all times. For heeding to my advice and promptly calling off your peaceful protest, I commend you. You have demonstrated uncommon maturity and patriotism in a uniquely troubled  time  of our nation. I am very proud of you.

" Yet duty still beckons. The task is not complete until every single youth is pulled off our streets and kept a safe distance away from the reach of some unscrupulous elements whose demonic desire is to unleash endless carnage in some parts of the state.

" We must recognise that there are a few unrepentant and unpatriotic elements who will want to cash in on crisis situations to execute their wicked agenda of mayhem against our state. Often they entice and recruit  unsuspecting  youths as willing tools for their destructive crusade. This is what they are doing now and we must say no to them. Our youths must say no to them, so that they don’t dent and soil your noble reputation as peace loving youths.


" The gallant majority of peace loving Imo youths owe it a duty to stop these unpatriotic elements from manipulating a few youths who are still vulnerable to their antics. I  charge you not to rest on your oars until no youth in Imo State is available for hire by these merchants of death and destruction. They are the avowed enemies of the peace and progress of our dear state, and they are on the prowl again. "

Uzodinma while speaking however accused the opposition of playing politics with the turn out of events and sabotaging government effort. He said, 

" The opposition should therefore quit playing politics with the lives and future of our dear youths and help the government find long lasting solutions to the agitations of our youths by providing employment opportunities and empowerment programmes as well as funding the Small and Medium-Size Enterprises owned by youths in the state as a panacea to building a better Imo rather sabotaging the peace of the state."

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