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" Hope Not Lost For A Renewed Leadership In Nigeria" - Siasia

Chairman of the Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF) Moses Siloko Siasia pays courtesy visit to Abubakar Gajam.

Moses Siasia the Chairman of the Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF) during a courtesy visit to Abubakar Danjam on Tuesday August 18 2020 said, a new and inspired generation of leaders have emerged in Nigeria, a kind of leadership that will manifest within a short time and will transform Nigeria into a nation of great possibilities and in which the full potentials of the nation’s economy will be unleashed and poverty greatly reduced.

Speaking during his visit to Abdulmalik Abubakar Gajam, the Lamido Sabon Gari, President of the Youths Liaison Motivity (YLM) and Chairman/Managing Director of Habigamo Solutions International Limited in Abuja, Siasia, said his visit to Gajam is in line with the vision of NYPF to mobilize critical mass of young professionals across Nigeria to pursue the goal of ensuring purposeful national growth, development and rebirth.

Speaking to journalists during the visit, Siasia described Gajam as a young emerging leader in Nigeria, someone who has shown exemplary leadership in absolute service to his community and for having so committed himself to impacting humanity with humanitarian projects that directly lift people out of poverty in Zamfara State and in northern Nigeria. He said Gajam is a young leader to watch out for.

In his remarks Siasia said

“it is a feeling of joy for me as one who has always looked out for young people who are eager to improve the well-being of their communities, their local governments and their states. This visit has done a lot for me as I can see the giant strides of amazing developmental projects being executed by our brother Abdulmalik Abubakar Gajam.

“This remains for me a mark of new leadership emerging from within Nigeria, a kind of leadership that is driven by the feeling of the need to serve and to improve the lives of ordinary people. This is what we need in Nigeria at this time and this gives me hope that it is not over yet with the possibility of a renewed leadership in Nigeria. If Gajam can do these things he has done for his people, in his private capacity, one is left without any doubt that he will do more if and when he decides to consider providing his knowledge, skills and complete sense of leadership to the nation.

“Gajam has the requisite leadership competence that is needed at the national level, and for these things he has done we at NYPF are poised to keep encouraging and supporting him, until such a time that our nation will feel the impact of his demonstrable leadership abilities. ”

On the issues of security, development and education in Northern Nigeria, Siasia said that there is an urgent need to pay serious attention to the welfare and security of the people noting that only by doing so that development can be restored. He charged leaders to look into the educational system currently implemented in the region and ensure to revamp, modify and correct whatever needs to be, especially with regards to the Almajiri Schooling system.

He said

“you will agree with me, using the events of the most recent past as reference that we need to rethink our security structure so as to ensure that we have the resources to protect our citizens in Northern Nigeria. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this matter that has cost us so many lives and has negatively affected the livelihood of many

“In the same vein, we must think about how to bring about meaningful development to this region. The extent of alarming poverty compared to the vast amount of our national wealth is a contraction of all forms. Our nation must, as matter of collective interest and aspiration, pursue the development of North East region and other parts of the North that have been badly destroyed by activities of terrorists and other criminal elements. ”

In response, Gajam thanked Siasia for finding time out of his busy schedule to visit him and for the many encouraging words especially for his ability to identify quality young leaders with integrity and sincerity of purpose, Siasia’s interest in mobilising young  professionals as shown in various efforts and programmes for young people in Northern Nigeria. He assured that he will not relent in his commitment to improve the lives of people within the state and across the country as he sees the need and opportunities to do so.

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