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Group Commends Daily Trust Journalist Insulted By FFK, Vows To Give A Befitting Award.

A group in Zamfara State has revealed that it will give an award to Mr Eyo Charles a reporter from Daily Trust who was insulted by Femi Fani Kayode popularly known as FFK

Nigerians lashed out at Femi Fani-Kayode after a video in which the former minister of Aviation was seen verbally assaulting the journalist at a press conference in Calabar the Cross River state capital went viral.

Kayode was seen in the video calling the journalist " Stupid" for asking him who was Bankrolling his trips to different states where he claimed he was on  'project tour '.

He said,

" What type of stupid question is that, Do you know who you're talk to?
I will not take any questions from this man, which Bankroll?
To do what?
Who can give me money for anything?
Bankroll what?
" Go and report yourself to your publisher.
I could see from your face how stupid you are."

A statement released by the Sha'aya Sarakin Fawa group in Zamfara, pointed that Charles is deserving of respect and recognition.

He said,

In a statement by Sha’aya Sarkin Fawa, read by it's chairman, the group said the journalist “deserves strong respect and recognition”.

Read Statement :

“ Fani-Kayode had earlier visited Zamfara and left on it's tray some controversies that are still fresh in the memory of the people.”

“ The good journalist posture displayed by Charles gives more hope and belief to Nigerians that we still have good media professionals in the country,” the statement read.

“As Nigerians, we strongly believe that if the former minister is truly the activist he claims, he should come out in the public domain and answer the question asked by Charles.

“We will organise a befitting ceremony to give this award very soon after we reach out to Charles.”

Kayode in another recent video has been seen apologizing for his conduct.
He said,

" I have disappointed myself, my family, and my leaders who brought into lime light of the public office and I deeply regret it.

" I am using this opportunity to reach out to him too apologize for being so harsh and for being so tough."

Mr Eyo Charles in Facebook post made on Saturday 29th August 2020 said,

" Didn't our Lord Jesus Christ suffer much more humiliation even to the point of death yet He forgave His tormentors and accusers. Who am I that I will not forgive my elder brother, Femi FaniKayode!. He is doing the work of God. "

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