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BREAKING : (Video) Explosion Rocks Beirut Capital Of Lebanon

A massive Explosion has hit Beruit the capital of Lebanon.

According to a live report from CNN.Com. So far about 25 people were killed in a massive explosion that shook the Lebanese capital, Beirut, on Tuesday evening, the health minister said.

Video Credit: CNN

The blast appears to have been centered on the city's port area.
A CNN producer also witnessed a "chaotic scene" in Beirut emergency room following the explosion.

Lebanon state-run NNA news reported that a major fire broke out near Beirut port and firefighting teams rushed to the scene and worked to put out the fire.

A former Lebanese Prime minister Saad Hariri said in a tweet,
" the Scale of losses is "too great to be described," 
with the “biggest loss is the loss of dozens of dead and injured.”

“Everyone is called to Lebanon’s rescue and to stand in solidarity with our people in all the affected neighborhoods. ”

Lebanon's health minister also confirmed to reporters earlier that at least 25 people have been killed and more than 2,500 injured in the massive blast at Beirut port.

The cause of the explosion remains unclear.

Picture Credit : STR/AFP/Getty Images

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