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Enough is Enough Stop the propaganda against Senator Samuel Anyanwu - Adiela Nwosu

Who Is More PDP Than Senator Samuel Anyawu?

I read a piece authored by a certain Mr Ogu Bundu Nwadike titled, IMO PDP STILL THE BEST BEAUTIFUL BRIDE. As beautiful as the caption suggests, instead of sticking to the theme of the piece as the title suggest, the author was firing subtle shots at Senator Samuel Anyawu, popularly called Sam Daddy, the astute political figure and leader of Imo state chapter of Peoples Democratic Party. The author suggests that Sam Daddy defected from the PDP and is staging a return to "hijack" the party, and went further to liken Sam Daddy with Rochas Okorocha, a former governor of Imo state and member of APC.
I find it laughable that a man that claims to be a member of the party in Imo state failed to realize that Sam Daddy is PDP and PDP is Sam Daddy as far as Imo state is  concerned. In fact, Sam Daddy's loyalty to PDP is not a subject of debate as even a deaf, blind and dumb could testify to this.

This is a man that refused to defect to opposition party to run for election in 2019 after his mandate was taken from him and given to his closest challenger at the PDP Gubernatorial primary of 2018, and went ahead to work for PDP during the general election. This is a man that has reiterated in several quarters that he rather remain to build the PDP than seek solace elsewhere because he sees PDP as his home.

I understand that the sponsor of Nwadike is uncomfortable with the faith reposed on Sam Daddy by the national leadership of the party to be part of the team of dedicated party men and women to conduct ward congress of the PDP in Edo state that would elect adhoc delegates from the wards for the forthcoming governorship primary election in Edo state.

How can a so-called PDP member claim that Sam Daddy is scheming to hijack a party that he is seen as a leader by majority of the members of the party? This is preposterous!

My advice to Nwadike's sponsors is to desist from further bringing PDP to disrepute by continuously defaming a man whose only offense was to keep faith with the party. It is not the fault of Senator Samuel Anyawu that most members of PDP in Imo consider him as their mentor and a pillar.

Indeed, the PDP in Imo has suffered enough, at this point in time we need unity and oneness so as to reclaim the state in 2023. We can't continue to fight and destroy the party for the selfish interest of a minute few.

Conclusively, nobody can be more PDP in Imo state than our amiable and charismatic Sam Daddy.

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