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Senator Natasha Uduaghan: An Activist Senator Living Up to Expectations


Senator Natasha Uduaghan: An Activist Senator Living Up to Expectations. 

An Opinion By:  Usman Okai Austin

Previously, many believed that we were only good at pointing out errors and criticizing those in authority, and that we would fail if given the opportunity. Today, Natasha has rewritten history, proving that political activists are not just talkers but doers, not just promise-makers but promise-keepers.

I shouldn't have penned this now, but desperation wouldn't allow me to wait. What else am I waiting for when the truth is out there, visible to the blind and loud enough for deaf ears to hear? You have been able to stand tall in the red chamber, not just as a Senator, but as one whose door is widely open not only to the central district but to all Kogites.

As a Comrade, I am not a praise singer, nor am I writing this to attract any favors. Rather, it is to inform the public that contrary to naysayers' predictions, Senator Natasha is completely different from others.

 For those expecting me to list her achievements as a Senator, they will be disappointed because I am not here for that. Her achievements are well-known, and you can testify to them.

Among her numerous achievements is her interest in investigating international fraud that occurred in Ajaokuta Steel Company. This company, which the elites and some leaders conspired to destroy, has the capacity to address national unemployment, provide building materials, technology, and address many other issues. However, today it is a mere shadow of itself, courtesy of corruption and conspiracy.

Every government in power promises to actualize Ajaokuta's dream, yet it remains an annual festival designed to pump money there and divert it at the end.

The decision of the Senate to probe Ajaokuta Steel Company, NIOMCO, over alleged unlawful $496 million payment, initiated by you, is not a mere move to score political goals but one that can right wrongs and prevent further damage to the comatose steel mill.

Ajaokuta, if well-placed, will equate Kogi State with other states like Lagos, Rivers, and Kano in terms of internally generated revenue. This move will thwart future plans to use the steel as a fraudulent compound and ensure justice for those who committed crimes against the state. 

As an ordinary citizen, you have led protests against the stagnant position of the steel, even within your own Kogi Central constituency. History beckons on you to ensure the company gets a facelift in collaboration with the Minister of Steel, who is also from Kogi State.

I know without being told that the cabal benefiting from the comatose status of the steel plant will want the status quo to remain, as it enables them to profit. But with your capacity as an activist and upbringing as a comrade who has investigated the steel's activity without any mandate, you can do more now that you have the mandate of your people.

The eyes are on you, and the comradeship community believes you will not fail with prayers from your people and the entire Kogites 

Usman Okai Austin ,public affairs analyst  writes from Abuja

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