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‘Politics, X & Power’ Set For Public Presentation March 21


Multi-talented Award Winning Broadcast Journalist, Writer Adaora Onyechere Sydney-Jack Set To Officially Present Book; 'Politics, X & Power On March 21.

A book titled, ‘Politics, X & Power’, authored by multi-talented award-winning broadcast journalist and creative writer, Adaora Onyechere Sydney-Jack, is set to be presented on March 21, 2024 in Abuja. A thought-provoking piece of art that attempts at demystifying social aberrations, the book is an enquiry into the extent of interconnectedness in the dialectics faced by womenfolk in the game of politics and power.

Sydney-Jack’s book dwells on politics, politricks or politicks, including viewing politics as collective processes by both individuals and groups with the ultimate objective of attaining certain societal goals. Politics, as discussed in the book, is characterised with negotiations and promoting inclusiveness in governance, while politricks refers to the subtle strategies, “usually fraught by dishonesty and manipulation for personal gains”.

Some of the profiles examined in the book include distinguished women of repute, especially in Nigeria and Africa, who have shattered the glass ceiling in their chosen professions and public service. Some of the women profiled in the book are Lady Dr. Nma Love Onyechere  and Dr. Mae Jemison (United States of America), among others, for their astounding strides in the various fields of endeavour.

The book, according to the author, “is an absolute read. As March is Women’s Month, this book is an optical prism, a daring scepter to the minds of those who want to unpack the oddities that persist in the knotted web of politics and its conspiracies.”

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