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Economic Crisis: Survival Tips To Help Small Businesses Survive Tough Economic Conditions


How Small Scale Business In Nigeria Can Survive Tough Economic Conditions. 

Keeping a small business afloat in difficult economic times is challenging especially, considering there is no set playbook to follow to ride out the storm and right the ship. Every small business is different, and each carries its own risks and rewards. These differences make copying another company’s turnaround strategy to the letter unrealistic, but extra attention to detail can help ensure that a business survives.

There are however general strategies business owners can follow to maintain sanity; looking at the big picture, inventorying the staff, making sure the business has ready access to cash, sweating the small stuff and avoiding a sacrifice of quality are key ways to keep a business afloat.

When times are hard, businesses may need to shift their focus from profits to survival. People have a tendency to attack the most obvious immediate problems with vigor and without hesitation. That’s understandable and might make good business sense in some situations.

Small business owners should take steps to ensure that the company has access to cash, particularly in periods of crisis, establishing a good relationship with a banker is always useful for a small business.

Although it is important to keep an eye on the big picture, a small business owner should not overlook smaller things that may have an adverse impact on the business. A large tree obstructing the public’s view of the business or the company’s signage, inadequate parking, lack of road/traffic access, and ineffective advertising are examples of small problems that can put a big dent in a business’ bottom line.

Keeping a handle on costs is crucial in tough times. Owners need to stay on the offensive and get employees on board with changes that are being made. However, be cognizant of not sacrificing quality when making these product changes.

Business owners seeking to improve profit margins should be wary of making dramatic changes to key components.


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