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Politicians Behind Rising Cases Of Kidnap In FCT


FCT Minister Wike, Fingers Some Politicians, Over Surge In Kidnap Cases In FCT-Abuja 

..... Alleges Blackmailers Paid To Attack Him

— Dismisses Some Reports As Political Propaganda.

“Like something just happen here, they tell you it has happened 25 times,” — FCT Minister Nyesom Wike. 

Nyesom Wike, minister of the Federal Capital Territory, has dismissed the high rate of kidnappings in Abuja as propaganda sponsored by politicians.

Mr Wike, in a press briefing with journalists on Monday, said criticisms against him and President Bola Tinubu regarding their handling of security matters were uncalled for.

“Some of these things are political. The so-called alarm. Some politicians are bent on making sure the government does not survive.

“By creating unnecessary tension, by carrying propaganda. Like something just happen here, they tell you it has happened 25 times. You must understand how our system works,” stated Mr Wike.

He added, “There are blackmailers who are paid. Tell me, how my going home on Friday affect not taking security seriously? The only time they kidnap is when I’m not around on Saturday?

“So they don’t kidnap on Monday to Friday? You now see it is political. That is propaganda. That is blackmail.”

While acknowledging the contribution of poverty to the rising insecurity in Abuja and other parts of the country, Mr Wike stressed that poverty was not peculiar to the FCT alone.

He stated that FCTA would not be able to reduce poverty within the territory when it is tied to the national economy.

According to him, the FCT Administration will not take decisions that affect only the economy of the territory.

“You cannot talk about poverty without talking about the economy. If the economy is good, it means a lot of things will function well and that will be able to reduce poverty.

“When the economy is working well, there will be a lot of employment creation. When the economy is good, businesses will thrive, and this is what the current government is trying to do,” said Mr Wike.

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