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PDP Governors Singing Nunc Dimittis Of Party —Showunmi


Showunmi Blows Hot, Charges PDP Governors, NWC To Put House In Order.

PDP Stalwart Otunba Segun Showunmi on Wednesday reacted to matters arising in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). 

Showunmi in an article titled "PDP Governors Singing Nunc Dimittis Of Party" lamented that the actions of the Governors on matters arising in the party is capable of causing more problems for the party. 

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PDP Governors Singing Nunc Dimittis Of Party

What the PDP governors and this present NWC does not get is that their actions could be the Nunc Dimittis of the Peoples Democratic Party. 

They can neither manage the structure nor inspire their teeming mass of younger followers. 

Nunc Dimittis, which can be said to be the last song before death, is often used as a last song before putting the body in the grave during funeral service. 

I need to be very upfront with PDP, you do not have the sophistry, the discipline, the owned assets, nor the wherewithal of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu now President of this our republic, to play in this our version of politics, it is self delusion to think otherwise. 

You cannot keep frustrating yourselves and think you are clever, if the party platform is now to be used to congratulate our rivals as you all have been doing for sometimes now, you may find out that in the end you are cutting your noses to spite your faces. 

Do you know PBAT more than people like us? When did you lot even become players in the Nigerian Estate? Some of you perhaps 1999, some of you are just flight by night newbies!

Make up your minds, decamp if it pleases you, but stop this nonsense immediately. 

You can not call yourselves to order! You can not speak truthfully to yourselves! You do things you won’t tolerate in your small fiefdoms! You have the temerity to use the platform of our great party The PDP to celebrate a  president running on a controversial mandate, without the common sense to in the minimum celebrate the tenacity of our party flag-bearer(s) nor our lawyers, nor send a message of hope to our teeming followers ! Do you think that a worthless piece of paper you call a communique will impress us?

Your case is like that of the proverbial leech on the body of a dog, that thinks it is killing the dog without knowing that if the dogs dies the leech will die, eepa npa ara e, olohun pa aja, ti aja ba ku eepa arorun. You can ask your host, Seyi Makinde, to interpret it better. 

Enjoy the rest of your delusional grandeur and self-defeatist rigmarole. 

Otunba Segun Showunmi 


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