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PDP Chairman Damagum Speaks On Party Crisis, Orders Withdrawal Of Court Cases


NWC To Make Pronouncement On Imo, Kogi Polls After Review

— Acting National Chairman Damagum Speaks To Party Crisis, Directs Withdrawal Of Court Cases Following Conflicting Court Orders.

The People Democratic Party says it is reviewing Saturday’s governorship election in Kogi and Imo states before making a pronouncement on its next line of action.

The PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Umar Damagum, stated this at a news conference after the meeting of the National Working Committee on Tuesday in Abuja.

He urged those who participated in the election to follow legal means in seeking redress, noting however that the party had its reservation in the judiciary.

“I want to use this opportunity to call on the judiciary to be responsive and responsible in dispensing justice in this country, because we need this country. This country is bigger than all of us. It will outlive all of us. Everyone should know that there is going to be a judgment day,” he said.

Mr Damagum urged Nigerians to hold their peace and pray to God to intervene in the country’s affairs. He pledged that the party’s NWC would continue to ensure that it remained indivisible and strong.

He urged PDP members to individually and collectively reflect on their actions and inactions before, during and after the election.

“I want to assure them that we continue do justice. We are ready to take all the blames because after every election there will be blames but all members should reflect on the roles they played during campaigns, elections and after.

“We should have a self-reflection so that at the end of the day, we shall know whether we are doing the right thing because we all need this party.

“Our duty here is to make sure that this party remains indivisible, ’’he said.

On the crisis within the party regarding who becomes the national secretary, Mr Damagum said there were conflicting court orders on the matter.

He, however said that the PDP was working to amicably resolve it, using alternative dispute resolutions.

Mr Damagum said that the NWC had informed both sides, Sam Anyanwu who went to contest the Imo governorship election, and Sunday Udeh-Okoye to withdraw all matters in court to settle the matter internally.

“Since there are conflicting court orders, we urged the two sides to stand down and we have agreed and appointed the deputy national secretary to continue to act as secretary pending the time we will resolve all the issues; the conflicting court orders and resolutions of the South-East.

There is no conflict and we are together and thinking together on this issue,” Mr Damagum said.


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