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Dokpesi A Great Process Thinker, Administrator — Segun Showunmi


Raymond Alegho Anthony Dokpesi. (25 October 1951 – 29 May 2023):

Otunba Segun Showunmi Eulogizes High Chief Raymond Dokpesi, Condoles With Dokpesi Family.

Otunba Segun Showunmi on Tuesday condoled with the family of late High Chief Raymond Dokpesi over the demise of the late famous media guru.

Chief Dokpesi was reported on Monday to have died in his home in Abuja at the age of 71. 

Showunmi expressing grief penned down his condolences and further eulogized the late chief. 

" Ezomo my man, my thinking partner, all-round knowledge on many levels, in diverse fields, the energy of many horsepowers, detailed like an eagle, full of life, relatable across age grades, scratch that, ageless, if there was any true pan Nigerian it was my man high chief! 

" There was no limit to what his mind can grasp and whatever he could imagine he could build, an unusual ability to work late into the night and still be the first to be ready first thing in the morning, an administrator who keeps impeccable records. 

" A process thinker with the gift to compartmentalize idea lines in such a way that you had to marvel at where he gets the energy!

" Restlessly unstoppable, always on the go.

" A man of the strong Christian faith of the catholic order. 

" A lover of family, Oko Tosin, Baba Homto, Paddy Raymond Jnr. Aburo Oyofo, my man we understood each other and the mutual respect was never broken haaa, what a day to pass, what an enigma, really Raymond Alegho Anthony Dokpesi you are gone as in dead! 

" Who will rally those young people you provide a platform for, those you have ears for their rants and all, who will think up the next agenda for them, like they say who can understand death, nay who can understand life, I supposed neither is meant to be fully understood! Just live life and leave life, and my man Ezomo lived it his way and he had left it in his way, I can see the cheeky smile on your face. Rest now. 

" They will find a way to carry on, your family, your associates, your beloved Daar Communication, and your beloved PDP, Nigeria, yes we will surely miss the irreplaceable High Chief! Ezomo my man, may your soul be welcomed into the higher realms by your ancestors and all guardians of the realms", Showunmi added.

Otunba Segun Showunmi

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