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#APCPresidentialPrimaries : [Exclusive] Dollar Rains At APC Convention, Tinubu Tops The List

'$50,000 Per Delegate' : APC Delegates Alleged To Be  Swimming In Dollars, As Presidential Aspirants Struggle To Outdo One Another.

..... Chairman Adamu Accused Of Failing To Disclose Total Amount Received By Him. 

Report reaching the news s desk of MEDIAORCHID from various sources reveals it is indeed 'rainy season' in Abuja as APC Presidential aspirants struggle to outdo one another to get the support and votes of  delegates.

One of the presidential aspirants Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) from South-west Nigeria whose in a viral video recently claimed that it is his turn to be president is reported to have hijacked delegates entourage of as much as up to those from about 10 States and has taken them to an undisclosed location within the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. Tinubu is said to have offered as much as fifty thousand US Dollars ($50,000) to each of them, in a bid to get their votes.

The Former Minister for Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, who declared his own intention by jogging round a stadium in Rivers State in a bid to as he tried to show Nigerians that he is physically fit for the office of the President, is also reported to be said to be distributing thirty thousand US Dollars ($30,000) with a Toyota Camry vehicle to each delegate willing to vote for him.

An inside source has revealed that greed following sharing of money was responsible for the protest form some quarters in the APC yesterday over the choice of Sen. Lawan as the consensus candidate. 

“From what I am seeing since yesterday, June 6; the greed of some persons in sharing the money given, was the reason 7 members of the APC NWC rejected the Consensus nomination of Sen. Ahmad Lawan.

“NWC members accused Mr. Abdullahi Adamu of not fully disclosing the total amount he received hence they were not going to accept the $10,000 - $15,000 he was giving them.”

“Is money really the reason Parliamentary Staff Association (PASAN) are on strike? I doubt with the involvement of Senate President in this consensus move of Adamu (APC Chairman). Definitely, that consensus declaration by APC Chairman could not have been bought by Lawan cheaply,” an observer of the APC Convention said. 

“I thought Dollars came to Abuja last days of May, but the Dollars in Abuja now is enough to fund the entire 2022 budget,” another observer said.

More information reveals, delegates are  being promised as much as $60,000 hence the reason why consensus is failing as delegates won't get anything if there is consensus.

The cabals on the other hand are alleged to be mobilizing and are willing to deploy more Dollars to battle Tinubu. 

While Tinubu is budgeting $50,000, the cabal is reported to be setting aside $60,000 for each delegate, our source reveals. 

More Details Later..... 

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