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#JusticeForDeborah : Showunmi Speaks On Murder Of Female Student In Sokoto


Frontline Governorship Aspirant Showunmi, Reacts To Killing Of College Of Education Student In Sokoto.

..... Questions Silence Of Leaders In The Country. 

A frontline Aspirant in the forthcoming Ogun state Governorship election, Otunba Segun Showunmi has reacted to the news and viral video showing the barbaric killing of Deborah Samuel a female student of the college of education in Sokoto state. 

Showunmi described the act as "Beastly, Crude, Barbaric, and Depressing" 

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Bestiality, Crude Barbarism Depressing;

 Deborah Samuel murder.

I hardly slept all night, thinking about the issues around the killing and burning of Deborah Samuel. 

Why and how do we confront this type of criminality based on limited knowledge of the religion of Islam by those who think they have acted within the teachings and injunctions of Islam. 

Why is it hard for those with a voice to speak up against a cankerworm that has eaten deeply into society? 

What must be the reaction of authority, leaders, especially to prevent a reoccurrence? 

I found myself asking why is this type of nonsense is not happening in the Middle East? 

Are we unequally yoked in this country? for shall a people not be allowed to live according to their beliefs? and what they consider appropriate cultural practices no matter how primitive? 

How do we proceed from this 

point in such a manner that we can do Justice and at the same time we save ourselves from the dangerous generations and stigmatization that will do more harm? 

As I see it, this must be put squarely on the failure of northern leadership and the signs are all glaring for all to see, for I wonder where in the Quran or hadiths that it is said that every Tom, Dick or Harry nay every Ahmed, Osama or Abdul can enforce the Islamic code? 

Who will save the north from itself and by inference save Nigeria from itself? 

The indicators that make us the embarrassment of the human race are left unattended, almost everywhere in the Middle East looks like paradise and our people are not aspiring to be such, instead, their leaders have become so cowed by the mob they refuse to train to such a point that human decency has departed from them all. Like my people will say “agba ti ko ke ohun a ke tan sa ere” an elder who refuses to scream in the face of societal ills will run halter skelter. 

As we inch closer to the next 2023 election, I will plead with decent leaders and citizens of our beloved Nigeria to find the courage to minimize actions and comments that will endanger our geographical space called Nigeria where more than 200million humans call home, for the sake of all of us and especially our neighbours who will suffer untold consequences if our country implodes. 

We require new sets of leaders and May we be inspired to find them and help them take over the mess that is presently going on. 

May the soul of the dutiful and studious Deborah Samuel Rest In Peace, he added. 

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