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‘From Top To Bottom’, Angry Nigerians Blast APC Chairman Adamu Over Statement


APC Chairman Adamu,Under Fire As Angry Nigerians Hit The Internet In Protest Against Statement ; “APC Achieved More In Seven years Than PDP.”

….. “Werey Dey Disguise”,You have smoked ! - Nigerian Youths To Adamu.

The National Chairman of All Progressives Congress, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, has come under fire by Nigerians who have taken to the internet to blast him for saying the ruling party has achieved more feats than any other political party in Nigeria in the last seven years.

Adamu spoke on Tuesday in Abuja at the inauguration of screening committees for State House of Assembly aspirants.

The party chairman, represented by the Deputy National Chairman (North), Senator Abubakar Kyari, stressed that he does not doubt that all the aspirants assembled at the International Conference Centre for screening will carry on with the party’s tradition of excellence.

He said, “We can beat our chest seven years after achieving what others have not been able to do. Therefore, this transition is key to leaving a lasting legacy for the President.

“We are on the verge of electing new leaders for the post-Buhari era. That is why you are chosen to spearhead it. I do not doubt that we would do just that with the calibre of people I see here. Politics is dynamic, and ambition is dynamic. You will face challenges, but you are there not to succumb to those challenges.”

Kyari described the screening of the State House of Assembly as the foundation of all the primaries.

“We have just conducted the screening of the governorship, senatorial, and House of Representatives aspirants, but the basic foundation is what you people are going to do, which is the election of local government and state delegates,” he said.

Nigerians are however taking to the internet to protest against the statement. 

See Angry Reactions : 

“He’s obviously correct on thiš, corruption increased, inpunity, senseless killings, banditry, hyper inflation, devaluation of our naira, God will judge you all and hear-after, may God rule your children like apc has ruled Nigeria. Amin”


“Of course,  they achieved more of hardship to the citizens, inflation , unemployment, death here and there etc. Una well done, achieved ko, more ni.”


“Has this man been in Nigeria at all?”


“I’m not sure he’s either talking with chad or Niger republic not sure is our nigeria he’s talking about”


“Lol, indeed with our lives like chicken”

@Williams Jarikre

“Achieved what 

Assu on strike 


So what did they Achieved 😒😒🤨”


“That’s why your name is Adamu”

@Nwa Ehime Mbano

“Werey dey disguise,Okoto”


“Yes...APC achievement was to take Nigeria from Top to Bottom. Amongst the achievement of the APC was the #80 billion allegedly stolen by the Accountant General. Such was not done under the PDP.”


“Yes of course, they achieved in their pocket and bank account but the country they are governing achieved nothing. We want good leadership not party ship”


“ APC From Top To Bottom”


“ Yes, in 7 yrs the naira now exchanges at over 570 to the dollar as against 180 prior to 29th May 2015. Fuel is now N162, inflation at 17% & increasing. Insecurity is at its highest in the history of Nigeria. The nation is more divided now. Na wetin remain?”


“Inflation is at 35% sir not 17%”


“Thank God you know APC achieved more. Poverty takes another dimension, masses are crying bcos they can't afford what they could afford during PDP regime, you blocked all the channels through which masses could survive and open new doors of embezzlement for the rich.”


“APC know your achievement

Naira to valueless

More killing of human beings like animals

High cost of foods

High tariffs of electricity

Please count the rest”

@John Collins

“Obviously more achievements in all negative aspects of governance, oní yêyê”


“Of course with inflation at over 26.23%, kidnapping at it's worst, ritual killings a way of life  now, banditry and terrorism acceptable daily occurrences, poverty and hunger normalized and ethno religious segregation and intolerance at its peak, yes APC has achieved a lot in 7yrs”

@Ali Ahmedu

“ He’s actually right cos they achieved more than PDP in opposite direction….F9 sef na achievement”


“They achieve in banditry,insecurity,hunger etc,they even achieve in the way they stole money,it was in millions before but now it billions, APC make una keep quiet oo if una no want make thunder strike una”


“Abeg where this PDP dey? @OfficialPDPNig”


“Everybody knows this 🤣 blood flowing everydays 😭😭 GOD judge you all according to your behaviours 🙏🙏🙏”


“Yes now at least the take Nigeria seven step backwards”


“Oni damu ni Adamu yioo”


“I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the Nigerian politicians smoke/take one special substance before granting an interview to the media.”

@CU Chicano

“Even Hitler go say him na Saint under APC”


“Can you imagine this holdheads! They only make comparison with previous matter, can this country improve with this kind of mindset? 

That's a question for me and you”


“APC Chairman Adamu is cancer that caused PDP and APC failure. When he was in PDP. PDP failed. He decamped to APC. APC failed. Nigeria should reject any politicians supported by him if Nigeria want progress from 2023.”


“Arrant nonsense. I am sure dis dude just finished smoking Californian weed. He’s a joke”


“This is a shame and a big lie to start up with in 2023. APC put the entire country in extreme poverty, deficit, insecurity and much more. SAY NO APC”


“And it is a very big question mark...

“A nation laden with economical crisis like this and the poor masses are dying of insecurity and hunger???”


“Yea. More deaths, many more in captivity. Sleeplessness. Free fall of the Naira, and many more! Clap for yourself Adamu”


“These politicians are very shameless. More worrisome is their supporters who kill themselves for these hypocrites.

Adamu was a 2 term Governor under PDP; Omisore was a strong chieftain in PDP, but today, both are playing for APC FC. Old things have become past, all things new...”


“So accumulation of senseless debt in now an achievement?

What a useless government!”


“So accumulation of senseless debt in now an achievement?

What a useless government!”


“What did APC archive pls. Thousands of people that are killed by bandit, thousands of property's destroyed by bandit, not been able to provide adequate security and many more. U should be ashamed of urself.”


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