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'Women Inclusion' : 'Step Forward' Prof. Attoe Calls On PDP Women To Pick Up Forms


"Take Advantage Of Gender Friendly Polices Of The PDP, Step Forward, Be Counted In Nigerian Political Leadership Space."

– PDP National Woman Leader Prof. Attoe Says. 

The National Woman Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prof Stella Effah-Attoe on Monday April 4, in a statement made a clarion call to all women in the party, charging them on the need to present themselves beyond words for active participation in politics as part of the effort towards achieving good representation of women.

Read Statement In Full : 

A Wake -Up Call To Women Of The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP): Pick Up Your Expression Of Interest And Nomination Forms.

I, Professor Stella Effah-Attoe, National Woman Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is hereby making a Clarion Call to all Women of the Peoples Democratic Party, to take advantage of the various Gender Friendly Policies of the PDP and present themselves to be counted in the Nigerian Political Leadership Space. 

The Office of the National Woman Leader urges PDP Women to rise up to the occasion by stepping out to acquire their Expression of Interest Forms and their Nomination Forms for the various elective positions at the State and National levels.

It is one thing that the PDP has created the enabling environment for Women to participate in Nigerian Politics, it is another thing for PDP Women to take advantage of this positive gesture. Therefore, I urge all eligible PDP Women to pick up their Expression of Interest Forms and the Nomination Forms without further delay.

It will interest our Women to know, as announced earlier by the National Working Committee (NWC), that the PDP is maintaining the status quo to support Women. Women are only required to purchase their Expression of Interest Forms with a token. The Nomination Form which is expensive, is to be acquired by women at No Cost, that is, it goes FOR FREE. This is to encourage as many Women as possible to participate in the Electoral Process with a view to winning elections into States Houses of Assembly, the House of Representatives, the Senate, Governorship Positions and the Presidency.

You would recall that the deadline for the purchase of Expression of Interest Forms and Nomination Forms was on the 1st of April, 2022. The National Working Committee has graciously extended the deadline to the 8th of April, 2022.

I hereby encourage more PDP Women to Step Forward and take advantage of this extension, to acquire their Forms. The more eligible Women we have coming out to acquire their Forms will determine the number of Women (whether large or small), that will take part in Party Primaries. In like manner, the number of Women that participate in the Party Primaries will determine the percentage of Women (whether large or small), that would eventually emerge as Party Candidates.

The attainment of the 35% Affirmative Action in PDP begins from somewhere. In this case, it begins from the acquisition of the Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms.

For the purpose of emphasis, let me state thus:

• That PDP Women will only purchase their Expression of Interest Forms with a token

• That the usually very expensive Nomination Forms will be given to all PDP women FREE OF CHARGE.

Finally, the Office of the National Woman Leader of the PDP wishes to tell all PDP women to hit the ground running in carrying out Consultations, Mobilization, Voter Education and Building Support Groups for themselves and for the PDP at their various Polling Units, Wards, Local Government Areas and States, because election is won from the Grassroot.

I thank all of you as you join the Rescue and Rebuild Nigeria Train.

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