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Ramadan : Showunmi Prays For Nigeria Armed Forces, Leaders


Ramadan : Showunmi Laments Killing Of Nigerians, 

..... Prays For Allah's Guidance For Nigeria Armed Forces, Leaders. 

Segun Showunmi a governorship aspirant in Ogun state and former Spokesperson to former Vice president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar on Saturday April 2022, penned down his prayers for Nigeria Armed Forces, Leaders and Muslim faithfuls as Muslims around the world commence observing Ramadan; a season of fasting, supplication and abstinence. 

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Oh Allah, the fast of all Muslim faithful has started in line with your injection that has never been broken since the days of the prophet Mohammed. Peace be upon him.

According to firmly established authorities, fasting is prescribed for all people of the books, those who believe in Allah, Prophets and The day of Judgement. 

We are truly unworthy to boast of righteousness and we seek forgiveness of our sins from you oh God, who is Oft-forgiving. 

Do make us benefit from our fast, purify our bodies, spirit and souls, oh you who created mankind and is well able to purify.

Oh Allah, look upon Our beloved Nigeria with mercy, the killing of the innocent has become unbearable, surely we need your guidance, oh you who guides and also lead astray. Guide our leaders, and inspire them with the solution to this mayhem. 

Be with the men and women of our armed forces who confront this ugly situation day and night. 

All sufficient God, make the farming season bountiful and let our harvest be plenty, for by the fast, we are called into remembrance about deprivation and starvation, avert it from our land oh Allah, for you are most merciful, most benevolent. 

Oh, Allah accept the prayers of Nigeria and cause a turnaround for good on all front for us. 


Ramadan Mubarak

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