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Terrorists Train Attack : Nigerian Youths Troop Out In Dozens, Show Solidarity, Donate Blood


Terrorists Contact Families Of Hostages 

— Royal  Member Of Ohinoyo of Ebiraland Yusuf Attah, Confirms Abduction Of Mother And Sister. 

Twenty Four hours after the Kaduna State Emergency Agency (KASEMA) sent an appeal to donate blood for victims of the train attack, dozens of donors have continued to besiege the hospitals. 

At the 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital in Kaduna on Wednesday morning, dozens of youths were seen at the blood unit anxiously waiting for their blood to be screened.

Most of the donors are teenagers between the ages of 18 and 20 and they volunteered to donate to the victims. 

One of the donors, Mustapha Mohammed, said he is donating free, adding that “I don’t need anything from anyone. I want to save a life. If my donation will save one life, I will be happy.” 

He lamented that if the government had taken proactive steps after the first attack on a train in October 2021, the attack will not occur again. 

Another donor, Ibrahim Mu’azu, said after reading on social media that victims of the attacks may need blood, especially those with 0+, he had come to donate blood. 

“I don’t mind if all my blood will be taken for them to regain their health. I was really disturbed over the nonchalant attitude of the government to address the security challenges facing the country,” he said. 

One of the members of staff of the hospital, speaking on condition of anonymity, said it was amazing seeing the number of volunteers who wanted to donate blood.

“What even shocked one is the enthusiasm at which they want to make this donation and we don’t have enough to meet up with the demand,” the source said. 

Meanwhile, some family members whose whereabouts of their relations remained unknown told Nigerian Tribune that the bandits had contacted them, though they have not made any demand. 

One of the family members, Yusuf Attah, a royal member of Ohinoyo of Ebiraland, revealed that his mother and sister were kidnapped during the attack, a report by Tribune revealed. 

He said the terrorists called the house and he spoke with his sister who said they are fine. 

“Though I did not speak with my mother, my sister assured me she is fine,” he said. 

Another family member, Yahaya Abdul, also said the bandits called him and told him his brother is fine and he should expect their call.

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