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'Politics Begins At Home ' : Kadade Meets With Women Groups


Women Hail PDP National Youth Leader As He Holds Strategic Meeting With Various Groups In Kaduna. 

The National Youth Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Prince Muh’d Kadade Suleiman over the weekend held strategic meetings with various groups in his hometown Nasarawan Doya in Makarfi Local Government Area of Kaduna State. 

Kadade who described his visitation as his  favorite activity from childhood said, 

" I have always maintained a very close-knit relationship with my family, youths and community leaders. In spite of the collective problems facing everyone in Nigeria, we found in each other a common ground to persevere in the face of serious economic challenges that are now simply too much to be swept under the carpet.

" Two engagements stood out over the period of my visit; the very frank and understanding discussion we had with Fulani leaders in our society. Also, the various women groups who we enjoy a good relationship also came with full representation to engage and forge meaningful resolutions for a prosperous society. Nasarawan Doya is a multi-diverse town that has people of different faiths co-existing in peace and harmony. It’s one of our biggest gains over the years, the fact we have lived in harmony and always identified as one. 

He further pointed out that the highlight of visit was his engagement with his primary constituency, the Youths of the town.

" We have made it a paramount pillar of our political ideology to make the grassroots the primary focus and start point of any political journey. I assured them that youths and grassroots will enjoy favorable consideration. 

" In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in my hometown. We are no doubt aware of the huge task ahead of us. We know the All Progressive Congress(APC) are not willing to give up power willingly. However, we must remain close to our political bases because politics, just like charity begins at home, he added. 

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