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Zulum Raises Alarm Over ISWAP Threat, Resounds Need To Hire Mercenaries


Gov. Zulum Says 13-Years Boko Haram Crisis; 'A Child's Play' Compared To Terror To Be Unleashed By ISWAP,

.... Begs Buhari Regime To Wipe Out The Group Early.

The Borno State Governor, Babagana Zulum, has warned that the 13-year Boko Haram crisis in the North-East will be child’s play compared to the terror that will be unleashed by the Islamic State of West African Province if the government fails to wipe out the group early enough.

This is as he once more appealed to the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), to hire international mercenaries to overcome the growing insurgents.

ISWAP, which he said was more educated, is building up force in Borno state, exploiting its proximity to the Sahel region.

Zulum sounded the warning on Thursday while addressing State House correspondents during the weekly ministerial briefing organised by the Presidential Communication Team at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

According to him, the growing number of ISWAP in some parts of Borno State is a cause for concern to many Nigerians and allowing the terrorist group to fester would plunge the country into a security crisis.

The governor called for the upgrading of the military strategy to stop the group from morphing into a greater monster. He also urged the President to re-engage external mercenaries to support the military.

On the victories achieved in the anti-terrorism war in the North East, he said: “All that I have said now would never be feasible without the support of the government. But notwithstanding all the Federal Government’s contributions, we still have some challenges.

“One, I said it before, a growing number of ISWAP in some parts of the state is a matter of great concern to everybody. Why? In the shores of Lake Chad, again in southern Borno State. Luckily enough, I was told there was military deployment yesterday to southern Borno state to fight the insurgents in the Tudun Katarangwa.

“But I think this is an early warning system. We shouldn’t allow ISWAP to grow. ISWAP are more sophisticated, more funded, and they are more educated. And we shall do everything possible to defeat ISWAP. Otherwise, what Boko Haram did will be child’s play. ”

The Nigerian Army has to restrategise and defeat ISWAP. ISWAP will be a threat to the entire nation. Because of the proximity of Sub Saharan Africa, they are coming from Libya and others resettling here.”

He also thanked the President for giving him prompt audience whenever he had security issues to discuss, saying, “Sometimes, I seek a meeting with him at very short notice while already in Abuja, and he would still ask me to come over. This has helped tackle security challenges in Borno.”

The governor said he was relocating the internally displaced persons from the camps to either their ancestral homes or local government headquarters in a dignified manner because of the high rate of prostitution and gangsterism. He also lamented that criminality has become widespread in the IDP camps. 

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