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TNA Officially Launches Organization, Unveils Young Aspirants


#TakeBackNigeria: Young People Converge In Abuja As The Nigerian Alliance( TNA)Unveils Young Aspirants.

- "Here To Make A Difference Not A Name"- Kadade. 

The Nigerian Alliance' (TNA) a non governmental organization committed to raising and electing servant leaders whuxch offers a platform for young Nigerians to transform politics and improve governance with clearly defined ideas, policy pillars, and a new cohort of servant politicians, on Saturday January 15 2022 officially launched its organization in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja.

Anita & Anthony Ehilebo on stage. 

The event which saw the convergence of aspirants, partners and donors of the organization, was opened following the delivery of a welcome address by the Executive Director of the organization Ms. Simi Olusola.

The highlight of the first segment of the program was the launch and unveiling of 
young aspirants which was followed by another session meant for the aspirants.

MEDIAORCHID recalls that the organization had earlier held it's inaugural conference on November 15 2021 also in the FCT-Abuja. 


The Nigerian Alliance (TNA) Holds Inaugural Conference. 

.... Develops Policy Pillars, Moves To Support 36 Young Candidates.

Ms. Olusola in her remark welcomed all present and congratulated all aspirants. Speaking further she said, The Nigerian Alliance is an alliance of people who are ready to take back Nigeria.

" Thank you for being here. Congratulations to all our aspirants, thank you for putting yourself forward to serve. To all our guests and partners here, thank you.

" In 2019, the moment the results of the general election were announced, I got off the fence. Before then I'd been toying with the idea of politics, that day the fence I was on shattered and I decided I'd get involved and run for office. I knew I wanted to do more than run for office though, I wanted to get as many women and other young people as possible into the system. October 20, 2020 further strengthened my resolve. That coconut head they said we have, it didn't miss me.

Speaking on growth and the journey so far Olusola said, 

" Between those first days and now, TNA has evolved as is to be expected of startups and we are glad about where we are now. There hasn't been a greater need for any entity like TNA like we have now. The next 2 years are the years that will determine what Nigeria's future will be and I'll be damned if we just stand by and not try to save this nation.

" The Nigerian Alliance is not its founders, it's not its team, it's not its aspirants, it's not its partners or donors. The Nigerian Alliance is truly what it is, an alliance of all Nigerians that mean well for this country. An alliance of people who are ready to fight for our future. It is an alliance of those who are ready to take back Nigeria.

" We're starting by putting forward 29 people today as our 2023 squad. I tell you, we mean business with this squad. We, the worker bees of this alliance are committed to doing everything we can to get as many as possible out of this 29 onto the ballot and into the office.

See Full List Of Aspirants:


" We're not too young to run but most times we not rich enough to run. This is why this collective exists. We intend to support the aspirants with nomination forms subsidies, transport and logistics, publicity and media, branding, capacity development and branding, capacity development and campaign management. We will work round the clock for them at the national, state, LGA and ward levels to get them the holistic support they need.

" To the aspirants, TNA is not doing you a favour, you're not doing TNA a favour and neither party is doing Nigeria a favour. We're all coming together to play our parts in rebuilding our nation. I urge each person to do this with everything they have. Keep the faith with this alliance in everything and all times. Remember that the alliance is not us, the alliance is the Nigerians who are counting on us to do right. We have a hard and long battle ahead of us.

Olusola on behalf of the organization expressed her gratitude to partners and donors promising to improve.

" To our partners and donors thus far, thank you for taking a chance on us and betting on us. This is a new thing for all of us and we look forward to learning and improving as we go on with your support.

" To the worker bees of TNA, thank you for giving up your Christmas and New Year holiday to keep things going. Thank you for being ready for the task ahead.

" To everyone, welcome to The Nigerian Alliance! Here’s to us breaking the cycle of pervasive bad governance in Nigeria. Today heralds that change we were promised.

"Thank you," she added. 

The National Youth Leader of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Prince Suleiman Mohammed (Kadade) who also present at the event while speaking, beckoned on the aspirants to contest under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) vowing that they would get maximum support in the PDP. 

Kadade however gave the condition that the aspirants must be certain that they are certified to " be on ground politically."

Watch Video : 

Barr. Anthony Ehilebo the board Chair commended Prince Mohammed the National Youth Leader of the country's major opposition party.

"  When we start to work on dreams, some of us work on these dreams without knowing who will benefit, and you are the product of our dream. 

" We have said something and we want to keep to it and I'm so proud of you. The way you spoke now, you said something that is fundamental which is that ' you must start at the grassroot'. 

" I am glad that you are a grassroot youth leader so you know what you're supposed to do ahead of 2023," Ehilebo added. 

The first segment of the event came to a close after Certificates were presented to the aspirants. 

See Photos Below. 

(Photo & Video Credit : MEDIAORCHID) 

Hon. Oke Umurhohwo going for Delta State House Of Assembly, Ughelli North Constituency II

Seyi Bamidele, currently South-West Zonal Youth Leader Of Nigeria's Major Opposition Party (PDP). 

Joyce Daniels (Aspirant) 

Barr. Anthony Ehilebo, Receiving Certificate On Behalf Of Oseyili Anenih an aspirant. 

Steven Kefas aspirant (North-Central) 

Dr. Joachim (aspirant). 

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