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2023 : " We Are In It To Win It" - Showunmi


Segun Showunmi Admonishes Followers Of Atiku Abubakar, Says, Conduct, Style Of Engagements Must Be 'Presidential.' 

Segun Showunmi on Thursday in a letter commended supporters and ardent followers of former Vice president, Atiku Abubakar for their effort and further charged them on the need to be persuasive, accommodating, yet firm especially while engaging Nigerians in conversations. 

In his letter titled; 'Note To Followers Of Waziri Atiku Abubakar', obtained by MEDIA ORCHID, Showunmi said that, " Power lies with the people and delegates are not zombies." 

Read Letter In Full : 

Dear Supporters, you are the best any leader can ask for and for this, I thank you, on the behalf of HE profoundly. 

Atiku Abubakar is the issue in the build up to 2023, as such, you all are the real issue! Your conduct, style of engagements, tonality, attitude and presentation must be presidential, and by this, I mean accommodating, educational, inviting, persuasive, respectful but very firm. 

We still have to manage the entire country when we win, and this will include those who have contrary views, those who wish to bully us, and those who wish to go low in their attempt to provoke or intimidate us all in this all important journey. 

We must understand that it is normal, for like I said earlier, you all are the issue in this season of election, so, draw people close, let them understand why you think it must be Waziri Atiku Abubakar on the podium for PDP. 

1. The country is divided in 6 zones and 3 of those zones must feel some form of entitlement as the north east, south east and north central have not produced President in this democratic dispensation. Meanwhile, some like the north-east has never produced the president at all ever. Atiku is from the north east. Never allow yourselves to be deceived that the aspirations is not moral, for indeed the aspiration stands of very high moral high ground. Others can justify their position but our position is clear. 

2. The capability to get the job done and hit the ground running. Without a doubt, the next Nigerian President has his or her work cut out. It will need a steady hand, calm nerves and deep understanding of both the historical and contemporary national issues. No point over stating the obvious. Atiku Abubakar is head over hill above all others for now in pdp, it is as simple as abc.

3. The demography of voting pattern over the years, by available statistics, I need not tell you that the north is king on Election Day. Especially as the results trickle in, we must calmly ask that we must be sensible for we can plug into the northern numbers and still be equitable for 2 northern zones for which the north east and north central are eligible. 

4. Age. I have looked all over those countries that have produced young leaders. For example, France and Canada, they have almost ancient, efficient instructions behind them. In our case, there is still so much work to be done to prepare and mentor the younger ones to manage the complexities of our country Nigeria. Brashness, and excessively immature radicalism is dangerous for there are way too many things that look simple but they are far more complex in practice. In any case,  one ineffective elder cannot become the benchmark of all wise adults, just as the silliness of juvenile youth with little or nothing to show in government cannot be the measure of all youths. We must demand that age is but just a number and every would-be President must come to the table with ideas. Ideas rule the world, and some of the frailest looking people created the biggest disruption in human history. It is never about brawn, it is always about the brain. Atiku Abubakar is a huge untapped reservoir of possibilities that can move our country towards a more peaceful, prosperous and united country. 

I admonish you all to go all out with the determination that no singular caucus owns all the power in a democracy. Certainly not governors. The power lies with the people and the delegates are not zombies. Don’t be distracted by the suggestion that seeks to say otherwise, as such do not descend into the gutters with anyone. Leave that to those with the skill to put every recalcitrant fellow in his or her place. When a bastard doesn’t know the story of his paternity, he will insult the owners of the house. 

Be of good cheer. We are in it to win it. 

Atiku Kawai, Atiku dole, 

Atiku ni o! 

Nanị Atiku

Atiku Enye dei odo. 

Atiku Abubakar it is. 

Signed : 

- Segun Showunmi

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