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'PDP Has Survived' Segun Showunmi Speaks On Inauguration Of New NWC

Newly Elected PDP National Officers Receive Certificates Of Return.

'PDP Has Survived ' 

An Opinion By Segun Showunmi. 

Inauguration of The Iyorchai Ayu Led National Working Committee of The People’s Democratic Party. 

From the humble gathering of a group of men 23 years ago, to forming government and running the country till 2015 at the National Level, through two national election losses one acceptable and conceded outcome with one outrightly rejected stolen mandate in the 2019.

The party has by its passing of baton to the Dr Iyorchia Ayu led NWC on this day the 10th December 2021 survived! Yes no matter the outcome of contest, this institution has come to stay.

May the next years provide the needed impetus to reorganize, refocus and reenergize the party, May the rules of operations and the directive principles of party policies be such that an all round improvement along the lines of more gender sensitive, more expansion of scope for young people, a far more light footed  bureaucracy that is sensitive to its responsibilities and the yearning of the citizens of nigeria at all times.

It is absolutely true that political parties are the first safeguards in multiparty democracy, this places a huge demand on the parties for can a weak party birth a strong democratic government.

Hey today is a day to congratulate Nigeria and it’s people for the efforts of present and former players who have helped the People’s Democratic Party to become a true Nigerian institution. It may not be perfect yet but it is the best that nigeria has to present to the world in terms of our scorecard in managing democracy.

When you look around one can only pray and hope that others will put in the discipline, work and sincerity required to become a light of hope just as pdp has become.

Looking at the ruling APC one is bond to pray for nothing in the present working of that contraption suggests it plans to try to be a Democratic Party for nothing can excuse the mess they have created in terms of political party stability. Away from that today is to thank God Almighty for the People’s Democratic Party is here to stay.

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