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DELTA : Umurhohwo Vows To Deliver Quality Representation To Ughelli North


" The Road Master", Umurhohwo Lauds Gov. Okowa's Achievements, Promises To Give Quality Representation To Ughelli North Constituency. 

Mr. Oke Umurhohwo, who is in his early 30s hails from Ujode and Uduare communities of Ughelli North local government area of Delta state and a staunch member of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The first son of his father, Olorogun Superior Umurhohwo, the Onoriode R'Ovie of the Great Ughelli Kingdom. 

Mr. Oke Umurhohwo a goal-getter, and the Marketing Manager for West Africa with one of the biggest mobile phone company bares his mind on a variety of issues ranging from his ambition to run for the Delta House of Assembly and other sundry issues during an interview with Vanguard. 


Correspondent : One would have thought that your age, 31 years may have a lot to do with the challenges of the legislative business in the house, what is your view?

Umurhohwo :

" You can remember vividly of the recent echo around the country of not too young to serve, and if you will recall the likes of former house of representatives speaker, Dimeji Bankole, Chief James Ibori and others served the country in their 30s and even retired Gen. Gowon who was president was below 30s and they all performed and others too numerous to mention. 

" And also going by my experience as a Marketing Manager of a popular phone brand across West Africa, I have managed diversed teams and understand the intricacies of leading people. I'm confident that if elected, my people will see a positive change in the ways a member of the House of Assembly operate."  

Correspondent : You are a successful young man doing well in the business world, what inspires your interest to run for the Ughelli North House of Assembly seat? 

Umurhohwo :

" Well, this question reminds me of an engagement with a friend a few weeks back and I will try and repeat the same answer I gave then. Success is relative, and that is because it means different things to different people.

" True, I have made incredible headway in my chosen profession, however, every time I go to Ughelli and notice the lost opportunities and many hopeless situations as a result of subpar representation, I know there is still a lot to do. 

" As a privileged young man, I have been to many countries and saw with my eyes what they are enjoying from their representatives in government. I want to affect my people lives positively as well.

" So to answer your question, I will say I am going to the House of Assembly in 2023 to give our people the idea of what a quality and vibrant representative should truly be, which by implication means having a voice and getting fair share of development, be it in human or in relation to the environment. 

" Going to the Delta State House of Assembly will be a game-changer, not only for my people, but the entire people of Delta State because our idea and approach to governance will be unique, citizen focused and responsive." 

Correspondent : Ughelli North happens to be one of the complex local government when it comes to election, what gives you the confidence that you will win?

Umurhohwo: " First and foremost, we must accept the fact that power belongs to God and He gives it to whoever He desires at a His own time. This makes God the very source of my confidence to win because one with God is always in the majority. 

" And more, we must accept that things have changed and so, there has been a major shift on how people choose who they want at the poll. Perhaps it is worth pointing out that my aspiration to represent Ughelli North Constituency Ii seat in the Delta State House of Assembly is largely influenced by the persistent call to serve. 

" Our people seemed tired of not making real progress even though they have representative. So, they saw in me the zeal and strong determination to serve, and they tapped on me to come down and make things work. All of these are what keeps convincing me that we are on track because power resides solely with the people. 

" And I have every faith in them to get us through the line no matter the tide. In plain term, the people of Ughelli North Constituency Ii is my strength and with them, I am confident of winning.

Correspondent : What will be your major focus if you eventually emerges as member, Delta State House of Assembly?


" We all know that the Delta State House of Assembly is not a business or money making place but a place where laws that will affect your people positively are made. But one significant thing is that there are a lot of empowerment programmes that could change the lives of your constituents if you know why you are there. 

" I will ensure that things change for the good of my constituency, be it in the terms of legislating relevant bills, focusing on the fragile security situation in the constituency, attracting physical developments, public infrastructures, international bodies partnerships and otherwise. 

" That is a situation I will change by presenting our case in a convincing manner that will prevail on the House and the Executives to make up for years of neglect and give our Constituency a deserved face lift."

Correspondent: How would you describe Delta state in terms of infrastructural development?

Umurhohwo :

" Excellent! When you look at the level of infrastructural development that Delta State has experienced over the years especially in comparison to many other states of the federation, you will be marveled.

" But I'm not that surprised because Delta State has been lucky so far with Governors' who understands so much how infrastructural development aids growth and prosperity of any environment. Is it the massive road constructions or the renewal projects and all that, which has turned Delta State to the envy of many? Things have really changed and I'm proud."

Correspondent : How would you describe Okowa's government in the past six and half years of his administration?

Umurhohwo : " Fantabulous! Governor Arthur Okowa has been exceptional in turning things around. You can see many Deltans call him 'The Road Master' and this is because of the monumental strides he has achieved in many sectors but most especially in road constructions. 

" Many schools in Delta State now wear improved looks and equipped with every necessary things that will aid the impacting of right knowledge. 

" Incentives are given to encourage hard-working personnel. Under Governor Okowa, new roads were constructed while old roads needing reconstructions also get attended to. Hospitals are not only made functional but are accessible to Deltans who can get their healthcare needs without much trouble.

" So, the last six and half years under Governor Okowa has been full of achievements. And I have no doubt that he will do even more in Okowa's administration in the next few years, he is a developer and Deltans are lucky to have him as Governor.

Correspondent : A word for the people of Ughelli North local as you move towards 2023 general elections?

Umurhohwo : 

" I want to advise them to be firm and be resolute in their decision and belief and be sure of settling for the best to represent them in the Delta State House of Assembly come 2023. 

" I know the past wasn't encouraging but we can make the future great if we choose wisely in 2023. As they have always done, I want them to continue to support my aspiration and I can assure them that it will be the turning point to greatness for this constituency because l did not come to lead but to serve my people and to correct the wrongs and fix the disappointment of the past. "

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