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Africans Rising ', Pan-African Movement Holds Grand Activism Awards, Press Conference


Africans Rising Holds Grand Activism Awards. 

.... Announces 2021 Activism Award Winners, $12 Million Individual Giving Campaign. 

'Africans Rising' a Pan-African movement of. People and organizations working together for Peace , Justice Dignity and Unity Of Purpose Of African People on Monday December 20 2021 gathered for a press conference and Activism Awards at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja. 

The Africans Rising Activism Awards since 2020 recognizes African activists through the presentation of three awards namely ; 

The Africans Rising Activists of the year award, The Africans Rising Movement of the year awards and The Africans Rising Artistic activists awards. 

Renowned activists and seasoned media personnel were present at event. 

Read Press Statement : 

Press Statement 

Africans Rising Announces 2021 Activism Award Winners & $12 Million Individual Giving Campaign. 

In the past year, young African activists raised their voices and brought positive change to their communities despite the mounting challenges of global, health and political crises. Inspired by their selfless activism, Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity comes together each year to acknowledge and celebrate their accomplishments through the Africans Rising Activism Awards.

In a ceremony today, December 20, we will be announcing the winners of the Africans Rising 2021 Activism Awards at Barcelona Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria at 6pm (GMT+1). We will recognize African activism through the presentation of three awards: the Africans Rising Activist of the Year, Movement of the Year, and the Artistic Activist of the Year. The awards will be complemented by an ambitious launching event to kickstart Africans Rising’s Fundraising Campaign. These activities are part of the many strategies that Africans Rising has adopted to impact movements towards justice, peace and dignity across the globe.

We are excited to be hosting this awards ceremony here in Abuja. This is a historic moment for Africans Rising, during which many of our core team and Coordinating Collective members are meeting for the first time. And we certainly recognize the significance of locating our meeting here among the diversity and brilliance of a country that is home to the largest African population in the world. As a Pan-African movement of movements, we know that the demonstrations of African intelligence, achievement and creativity we find here in Abuja, are a reflection of the possibilities for all Africans around the world. This, we do not take for granted.

As we gather with you all here today, we are excited to be honouring groups working for women’s empowerment and leadership, climate activists and human rights defenders, and artists who use their voices and creativity to call for political accountability and social justice. From Zambia, to Ethiopia, Senegal to the UK, the people we celebrate today, and everyone who was nominated within these awards, remind us that Africans everywhere are taking the lead in building the Africa we want.

Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity is a pan-African social movement of over 30,000 members working to foster an Africa-wide solidarity and unity of purpose of the peoples of Africa. As we celebrate these amazing young African changemakers with the Africans Rising Activism Awards, we are also working to launch an innovative and ambitious fundraising campaign.

As a Pan-African movement, we want the campaign to be owned, driven and funded by Africans on the continent and in the diaspora. Our campaign goal is to mobilise $12 million by 2030 by encouraging 1 million Africans to donate $1 per month each year. We are collecting donations through our website at We invite you to join us in this journey to make a lasting impact on the continent.

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