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JUST IN : 'Ranching Funds Request ' Ado About Nothing - Ewah

" Godwin Obaseki's Ranching Funds Request, Much Ado About Nothing. " 

Opinion By:  John Ewah. 

We live in a world where passions have continued to surmount reason for better or for worse. Issues that border on politics seem to top the list of topics that flare passion more than any subject that surfaces on the public space.


While some have raised questions about Governor Godwin Obaseki’s funds request for ranching in Edo State from President Muhammadu Buhari, it is pertinent to note that ranching which is being advocated by the Governor and other well-meaning members of the public, remains the most feasible and practical alternative to open grazing.

Having followed the decision making process of Godwin Obaseki for quite some time, it is easy to tell that he is not the traditional kind of politician who follows the bandwagon or make moves to satisfy personal or segmental cravings for the purpose of being politically correct even when it culminates in the detriment of the people he is sworn to serve.

Every step he has taken so far since his assumption of office, has been carefully selected with the meticulous nature of a craftsman. One can never tell the full extent of his designs until they begin to materialise, which in most cases have always turned out positive for Edo people.

While most States of the Federation went on a total lockdown during the Covid-19, Governor Godwin Obaseki, with full knowledge of the socio-economic implications which such drastic measures would inflict on the larger populace, insisted on partial lockdown in Edo State. Some persons cursed, some raved, and many railed, as to the reason behind the Governor’s restraint. That singular decision turned out to be favourable on Edo residents. Other states of the Federation and the Federal Government soon took a cue from Edo and gradually commenced a relaxation of their total lock down policy.

Edo people have come to understand the wisdom that drives Obaseki’s decision making process, and the Governor’s current position on ranching is no different. His policies are people-oriented and public-driven. Godwin Obaseki alongside other stakeholders had resolved in the last stakeholders meeting that Open Grazing has become obsolete and as such must give way to modern practices in animal husbandry. The collective inputs from stakeholders and Edo people in general have been taken into account.


Another resolution at the stakeholders’ summit is the provision of alternatives to open grazing which would guarantee such socio-economic considerations as job security for Edo people who deal and rely on cattle business for survival; alternatives that would also ensure food security, protein sufficiency as well as promote peace and security in the State.

Seeking funds from the Federal Government to assist Edo indigenes willing to go into the ranching business is a brilliant economic plan by the Obaseki administration. This falls within the mandate of his office; to not only ensure the protection of lives and property but also to preserve and promote the means of livelihood of citizens.


Governor Godwin Obaseki should be supported by all well-meaning Edo indigenes in his drive to empower Edos in taking ownership and control of the cattle rearing business, in a more coordinated and secure socio-politico atmosphere, as this would assist in tackling the attendant challenges of the proposed anti-open grazing law.

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