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2023: TNA To Support 36 Young Candidates, Holds Inaugural Conference


The Nigerian Alliance (TNA) Holds Inaugural Conference. 

.... Develops Policy Pillars, Moves To Support 36 Young Candidates. 

The Nigerian Alliance (TNA) a Non Governmental Organization on Monday November 15 2021 held its Inaugural Conference at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja. 

The conference kick started with the arrival of the press and other invitees. 

Mr. Pascal Ojezele the Spokesperson of the organization gave a welcome address and taking the conference further, Ms. Similoluwa Olushola the Executive Director of TNA in delivering the opening statement said; 

" There has never been a more urgent need for patriotic Nigerians to rise in defence of our democracy. The events of our recent past have brought to the fore the glaring need to elect, through free and transparent means, leaders whose allegiance is, first, foremost and only, to Nigeria.

" From Lekki to Asaba, Aba to Tudun Wada, and Maiduguri to Birnin Magaji, the rise of inept and despotic leaders is the evidence we need, if we needed any at all, that young democrats can no longer afford to sit on the fence as the old political order conspires to consolidate their campaign of state capture."

Speaking further, Olusola brought to light the need for an alliance of Nigerians from different backgrounds and all walks of life, we are united by just one thing, our love for Nigeria. ' Our single aim is to build a new, more equitable nation, but we cannot do it alone. We need every Nigerian on our side,' She said. 

She described the organization as a platform for Nigerians determined to transform politics and improve governance with clearly defined ideas, policy pillars, and a new cohort of servant politicians.

" We are building a society for every Nigerian. The problems our nation faces today require new and courageous ideas. The Nigerian Alliance (TNA) has developed 7 Policy Pillars for our times to address these issues head-on. The 7 pillars are: Right to Life, Universal Healthcare, Freedom of Speech, Police Reform, Equity and Inclusion, Restructuring, A Living Wage

" We need to create a Nigeria that finally belongs to all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected few. We need servant leaders who will work to create equality, justice, and liberty for all. We need YOU. TNA is calling on nation builders and everyone who wants a better Nigeria to join us.

" People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Rather, governments should be afraid of their people. Therefore, we must ensure power rests in the hands of the people electing everyday Nigerians to political offices - who are not necessarily beholden to political parties and corporations. Democracy is built on representation, and ensuring our elected representatives make sound legislation."

Calling on all Nigerians and resounding the commitment of the organization towards achieving its aim and objective she said, 

" To this end, we are calling on every person intent on a Nigeria we can all be proud of to come and join us on this journey. If you have the ambition to vie for a State or Federal House of Assembly seat, our doors are open to you.

" At The Nigerian Alliance, our commitment goes beyond just words; We are committing to the Nigerian people to deliver leaders who will listen, leaders who will be dedicated to the people. leaders who will not turn away from doing the hard things needed to fix Nigeria and make it a better place for us all.

" We are committing to the Nigerian people to place their needs and progress first. To be a voice for the masses and to never shy away from demanding accountability from our leaders.

" We are committing to our candidates all the support they need from the day they make their decision to run to the day they make it into office and even beyond that. We will help you turn your offer to serve our country into a mandate from the electorate.

" Gone are the days of passive helplessness and active indifference. This is the time to act, to band together and take back our country from those who would see us subservient to their violence and greed.

" If you have ever wondered how Nigeria can be changed for the better, this is the way. If you have ever wanted to offer yourself up for bringing that change, this is your opportunity and, if you have ever wondered when the right time to do this was, this is the time.

" To every person with a burning desire to build Nigeria up, this is the time, this is your time, this is our time and to usher us into that time, we hereby announce that we’ll be supporting 36 young progressive candidates who want to run for office in 2023.

" We will provide support for their campaigns from start to finish, provide capacity development to ensure they are able to be the kind of leaders Nigeria needs, build a critical mass of people behind them to ensure they are never alone and not afraid to stand up for what is right.

" So if you are a young person out there that is willing and ready to fight for Nigeria, a young person that has a heart for the people and a young person with competence, our applications are open now." 

Olusola also unveiled the website of the organization as ; and further declared applications open today November 15 2021 to close on December 13, 2021. She further added that the final list of selected 36 candidates will be publicized on Dec 17, 2021. 

" We are also throwing our doors of partnership open to anyone who wants to help fix Nigeria,you can volunteer your time, you can donate/sponsor in cash and in kind and you can lend your voice. This is our time and we need your help, she added." 

For further information on TNA, call +234 805 459 0398 or email

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